How to connect laptop to surround sound?

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  1. Right now I have my TV surround sound all set up. I have tried just using an AUX in from my laptop to my surround sound, it plays the audio fine but I cant tell if it is actually giving me the surround sound or just playing all the sound and not really using individual speakers how theyre supposed to be used.

    I also tried hooking an HDMI from my laptop to my surround to my TV. That also works, but again I cant tell if its actually surround sound or just playing the audio through normally, also when I do it like that I have to have my TV on or else my comp wont activate the HDMI and the sound will just come through my laptop speakers.

    Anyone know the best way to hook it up? Or maybe if I am doing it right. I cant really tell.

    Any ideas any of you may have could help. Thanks
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    i found this nice little .wav file it has a voice that plays over each individual speaker identifying the channel

    Here is a direct link

    it is in a zip archive i trust you can handle that?

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