how to clone?

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  1. hey guy's i'm sure there is a spot on here that tells how to do this but i didn't see it, anyways i grow outdoor in the woods and love doin it, now i want to learn how to clone for next season, have never done it and want someone to tell me how and what i need to do, so if anyone can help, it would be great cause i'd like to learn, thanks:D
  2. Clonex or white willow bark (if you are organic which has salenic acid or some thing that sounds like I spelled it.)

    Indicas are easier to clone. Sativa wilt a bit quicker with high temps. Get a humidity dome and bathroom cups. If the tray is not full you are doing some thing wrong.
  3. i want to clone the mama plant, i heard of cutting a leaf from it and dipping in root tone, some water, 24 hours of light, i just want to start one from the momma plant and if possible take indoor for the winter.
  4. suppies:

    clonex rooting gel

    tray of 1inchX1inch rockwell cubes (one per clone)

    sharp scissors

    exacto knife

    plastc cups

    plastic labels

    1. set up a sterile working area. clean all surfaces and utensiles with rubbng alcohol. before use soak rockwell cubes in water to remove dry spots.

    2. fill plastic cups 1/3 full of bottled water. on a plastic label write the name of the mother plant.

    3. select a growth tip. you'll see a set of leaves at the end of the growth tip, a second set of leaves about 2 inches below that and a 3rd set of leaves about 2 inches below that. cut just above the 3rd set of leaves at a 45 degree angle.

    4. trim the second set of leaves only.

    5. trim off the tops ( about 1 inch) of the remaining leaves.

    6. placce cuttng in cup

    7. after youve gotten your clones , take them to your work area

    8. use exacto knife to trim off the outside layer of the bottem 1/2 inch of the cutting.

    9. dip the end of the cutting in clonex completly covering the area you just peeled.

    10. place the tipof the clone an inch into the hole of the rockwell cube, stick the label from the cup into the far edge of the same cube, and your done!! :smoke:
  5. thank u very much thats what i was lookin for, thats a straight full answer on how and what to do, thanks again bro +rep to you.:hello:

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