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how to clean/remove bong water stain and smell on clothing and car carpet?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by WS6cheese, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. help please =(

    i have

    - 2 jeans with A LOT of bong water spillage
    - a shirt with slight bong water
    - car carpet
    - car seat
    - car floor matts

    what i did so far: poor baking soda all over every spot of bong water i can cover

    for car floor matts was easier to clean up since i dumped baking soda on it left it for a day and proceeded to vacuum, spray the shit outta it w/ car carpet cleaner, scrub the hell out of it and proceed to steam clean

    but what should i do about the JEANS i need to wear them and so far its been 2 days ive just left baking soda on them to remove odor

    would a regular cold wash in the washing machine do?

    help thanks
  2. Just use decent detergent with stain removal and it should come right out... it's pretty much just like spilling tea that smells like burnt ass.

    Use a green-machine if you have one or have a friend that has one on the car, they work a shit ton better than steam cleaning as far as smells and long term staining goes.
  3. It shouldn't have been very stain inducing unless you had some murky ass water in the shit.
  4. i'll wash my jeans within 5 days pretty busy and never near m washing machines

    but as for green machine is that a car cleaner or substance cleaner?

    it was pretty murky... dark stain... gross

    it was near end session water =\
  5. spill bong water

    blast with febreeze

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