How To Clean Off Really Tough Resin And Water Stains?

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  1. I have a hisi beaker bottom that hasn't really gotten completly clean in a while. I miss it being beautiful and shiny; however iso alcohol and salt isn't getting the job done. What are some extra effective ways of cleaning your bongs preferably with stuff you could kinda just find around the house or real cheap.

  2. For a lot of heavy buildup, I use some stoppers a Home Depot bucket and Simple Green... overnight, or more soak. Works for me, all the time... but I keep my pieces, pretty pristine.

    There's some stuff called PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash), which is used for cleaning brewery equipment, which has to be spotless of soil, germs, everything. Using it and very HOT water flush, I have seen it take off 10 year old resin (no shit).
  3. Lestoil works well...soak and rinse well. would only use on glass on glass... plus you can dilute with h2o .
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    I would suggest Grunge Off .. easy very effective and reusable
    there have been topics about this before -  personally i would NOT use Simple Green on Anything of mine i smoked thru -
    I don't give a fuck how clean people tell me it gets and how many times you flush it with water after...
    to quote Dana Carvey impersonating George Bush  " Not Gonna Do It "
  5. Yeah Grunge off is incredible it definitely does exactly what its suppose to.
    I have a Vertigo 7 slit inline bub and it is almost impossible to clean that area on the back of the glass right above the inline. If you let it build up a little bit while using different pieces or such it makes salt and alcohol useless. You just cant get enough friction to remove it.
  6. Well first off do you use coarse sea salt or are you using regular house hold salt because i get my bong caked cause i use it all day everyday and only clean it every 2-3 months.  coarse sea salt(use a good amount dont be sparing) and alcohol shaking the shit outta of it and then use really hot water and a kitchen sprayer and just run hot water through it constantly at the end to finish off the process, then you can repeat the salt step again if it didnt get it clean.
  7. no, iso and salt is an old method not nearly as effective or as easy as grunge off.  not even close (and I used to think that all these products were BS and used iso and salt).  Just don't get grunge off on labels as it can cause some label wear.  Use 420 soaker for stuff with labels.
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    Or, you could use RezBlock and not have to worry about using any real cleaners, except maybe a ISO swirl.
    Wow, pretty harsh for just a suggestion on cleaning glass.

    Well, I don't really give a fuck how unsafe you think a biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner, with a pretty non-existent MSDS is.

    Keep on paying your $10+ per bottle.

    Personally, if you REALLY want to make your glass sparkle, PBW destroys Grunge Off and labels... doesn't just fade them, takes them OFF.
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    EDIT: Fuck im 5 years late, lol godamn google..
  10. LOL I wondered how people keep finding these old assed threads.
    Denatured Alcohol and rock salt for the resin
    Lime away for the hard water scale and lime deposits.


  11. Straight Hydrochloric acid will do it. Just wash glass with hot water and dish detergent afterward.
  12. Vinegar, it works but you have to let it sit & soak for a few days.
  13. Shit I'm 8 years behind
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