How to clean illadelph hot slide (for concentrates)

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by kgbuds, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Well this nice illy bowl head for my tube is great. The only flaw is the three holes at the top get clogged easily.

    Anyways using various concentrates it seems like it needs a cleaning. The problem is i feel there so much money in the concentrate still left in there, It seems to come out of the little holes as straight oil. Like medical oil. The bowl also has an illadelph logo on the outside that i don't want to ruin sitting in purple power/simple green etc. . .

    With those that own this product, what do you use?
  2. Shake with iso and evaporate in hot water in a Pyrex If you want to save it.

    I've been isoing and evaporating my tubes used for dabbing. Comes out with some pretty surprisingly good quality reclaim. I'll give my friend a .1 dab of it and he'll say he hasnt been that high in weeks lol.
  3. Really? maybe i'll try that, what exactly do you do?
  4. Just torch that high quality resin a couple times and then ISO salt hit that. Or scrape the resin and smoke it.
  5. Put bowl in bag,

    Fill with iso

    Shake until clean

    Pour iso into Pyrex

    Put Pyrex in a pan filled with hot(almost boiling) water.

    Let evaporate.

    Rinse out bowl thoroughly

    Scrape reclaim and enjoy.

  6. Go buy some industrial Simple Green in the white bottle. Put the Simple Green in a bucket or something that the bubbler will fit in then fully submerge the piece in the SG then let it sit a day or two then rinse/repeat as necessary
  7. Are you in the right thread lol^
  8. lol nope i thought i clicked on the five chamber bub thread :p
  9. Lolol that guy has been suggested to use sg like five times and is still boiling the bubbler.

  10. Do you mind dumbing that down for me a little more? lol. Iso is salt?

    And yes if i wanted to KEEP it what would be the right procedure?
  11. Isopropyl alcohol. Only use that. Salt is a completely different item that is often used in conjunction with iso to provide a grit in order to clean pieces easier.

    But you can not get salt out. So if you want to keep your reclaim, do not use salt or else you will have to smoke it.

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