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How to clean a glass pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Painter3, May 15, 2010.

  1. What's the best way to clean a glass pipe?
  2. 1) Get the highest proof rubbing alcohol you can find
    2) put in some salt (sea salt if you have it) otherwise table salt + dry rice grains (optional)
    3) seal up the ends, rubber gloves work great
    4) put it in a zip lock and shake away. (hold tightly)
    5) Rinse, and dry.
  3. Water? IDK:confused:
  4. Wow^.
    water makes it smell terrible, and can help develop mold.
    Shake your dirty glass vigorously in a bag with rubbing alcohol and salt.
    Make sure to rinse EXTREMELY well after it's all clean. You can use Q tips dipped in alcohol to detail the bowl.
    I suggest that before using the Iso and salt that you run hot tap water through your piece for a minute or two just to help soften and loosen up the resin a bit.

    But seriously, there's a fuckin sticky on this shit.
  5. Simple Green.


    Or rubbing alcohol+salt+warm water and soap.
  6. I say clean it with a paper clip straightened out. Stick it in side and start scraping. Collect the resin goo. Then smoke it.

    The rubbing alcohol and salt works great but you can't smoke the resin.

    But really it is not science on how to scrape goo from inside something.
  7. If you do smoke resin, scrape it then smoke it and then clean it completly so it's nice and fresh.
  8. ^^^^ This!!!!

    Dump it in Simple Green or Grunge Off. Nuff said!!!
  9. Here's my method, clears EVERYTHING out right away.

    Pour salt on the bowl end, so it falls in the tube. Pour in A LOT!

    Pour a little alcohol on the bowl end so the salt gets a bit damp.

    Then, take some hot water and put it at the bowl end. Just a bit, don't overflow it.

    Once this is done, shut all the holes with your fingers and SHAKE. Shake that pipe for a good minute, nice and fast.

    The pour it over the faucet with hot water so all that comes out.

    If theres still some residue left, take a qtip and swab it out.

    Finish it off with 1 more faucet shower, then wipe outside with alcohol.

  10. nail polish remover.
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    I put 91% rubbing alcohol in a ziplock bag with my pipe and shake it around for a bit and let it sit...sometimes overnight too, especially after heavy use. The liquid turns real brown. I then boil a shit load of water in a pot, and then grab another empty pot. Put the pipe in the empty pot and slowly pour in the hotass water. Clean as a whistle.

    I've had some tell me that the hot water might cause it to crack and this and that. If you have a quality pipe, it won't. I've had about 3 or 4 pipes (can't remember) and they've never cracked with hot water.
  12. i put my bowl in like a cup fill it up with peroxide til its over the top of the bowl and put baking powder in and make sure it gets into the bowl and it will bubble cleaning it by itself
  13. I recently discovered this one.. fill the pipe with baking soda (bicarbonate sodium), heat white cane vinegar, place the pipe in some plastic container that you won't need anymore and pour the boiling vinegar, it will cause a reaccion as the oxyclean and disolve all the resin out ;):smoke:
  14. Hot water such as boiled water will weaken the glass it doesn't matter how expensive the pipe was.
  15. You can use Everclear too
  16. fuck all the rest
    you're wasting your money if you're doing it any other way, and there is no argument to this.

    Simple Green is the best for getting resin off of your pieces, you just let it soak in the solution for an hour or more, and wallah! your shit looks like you just bought it.
  17. Alcohol in a sandwich bag with salt works great. Put the pipe in the bag then put the bag with the pipe inside in the microwave for 6 seconds and that should loosen up the resin. Shake the bag for like a minute then rinse the pipe until all that gunk falls off. The bag should look like sewer water but you can keep using it for that clean session if its still kind of dirty just rinse and repeat.
  18. Go down to cvs, buy yourself a fat bottle of the highest isopropyl alcohol (less than 3 bucks) and pour some salt into your pipe, put it in a plastic bag and shake. Rinse out, repeat till satisfied. Works fantastic and is hella cheap
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    Try pouring iso alcohol into the bowl, while covering the carb and stem with your finger. After pour a bit of salt in after the iso. Then cover the bowl with your thumb, shake violently and pour out. I tried the sandwich bag thing once, it broke open and my piece broke in tha fuckin sink. Good thing it was a crappy ass bowl :)
  20. tooth paste, paste not gel and a opened paper clip worked for me, then I rinsed really well with hot water.

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