How to clean a bong with percs?

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  1. I have a bong with a 4arm tree perc and it is getting pretty nasty. I cleaned my downstem by putting it in a ziplock bag with rubbing alcohol and salt crystals and shaking for about 5 minutes. it worked magnificently. I heard I can put rubbing alcohol in my bong along with the salt crystals and it will work just as good, but my bong has percs. Im worried that if I shake too much they could possibly break or something:confused::(

    Does anyone with a perc'd bong have advice on how to clean my bong?
  2. I have a 3 perc bong and all I use is 99% iso. I don't ever use salt because I think it's unnecessary, but I also don't mind letting my bong sit a few days to get clean.

    Let it sit for a while, shake, and repeat if necessary. Salt really won't hurt it though
  3. I actually use hot water and oxy clean, works amazingly. I just fill up the part where the perc is with hot water, pour in some oxy, and let it soak for about a half hour. Looks like I just picked it up from the store after.
  4. Really? Oxyclean? Umm isnt that bad for you? the left over chemicals and shit
  5. I heard kosher salt is the best stuff to use because it is less prone to leaving small scratches? I know on my old bong I used to use ISO and salt and it would leave these really tiny scratches in the glass that would turn brown and resiny on like the first bowl from them filling up with the excess resin.

    Now I just use formula 420, I know its the same is kosher salt and ISO but its just easier for me and I get it really cheap at the smoke shop in my town. Oh and I got a triple perc Hi Si with honeycomb diffuser and inline ash catcher. Just FYI, you wanna keep up with cleaning a percd bong or even just a multi chambered bubbler because if you wait too long sometimes you get a big chunk of resin in one of the percs that will crust onto the glass and will refuse to come out.
  6. Ok cool thats what I was planning on doing. So the percs are safe right they wouldnt break?
  7. Of course not, after I'm done I clean out the oxy quite well.
  8. your bong sounds amazing

  9. Nope I shake the hell outta mine. And honestly, I've never had a problem with cleaning the resin in the percs. It seems to always come off pretty easily and pretty quickly

    But, I do clean my bong with iso twice a week, so it never gets too dirty anyway

  10. Oh ok
  11. would it be safe to boil my ash catcher??

  12. I wouldn't!

    Why can't you just submerge your ashcatcher in some iso?
  13. I have none at the moment. What would happen to my ash catcher??
  14. If you were to place your A/C into boiling water, the bubbles would knock it around alot inside the pot so it risks being cracked.
  15. High risk of cracking in boiling water.
    Hot tap water should be sufficient - on top of that the force coming from the Tap will remove some stuck on Resin if hot.

    MY DD Cleaning Process: (this goes down every 12-24hrs)
    1.) Drain old water
    2.) Fill/Rinse/Shake some hot tap water around inside, drain.
    3.) Little Kosher Salt goes in the bong and slide (you don't need a lot)
    4.) Add a little ISO 99-91% (you don't need a lot)
    5.) Shake Well. The salt breaks off any stuck resin - ISO cleans. (in reality salt is only needed every 3x)
    6.) Dump/Drain/Rinse(hot then cold tap-water)/Dry
    7.) Fill with cold water from the fridge

    Everyone that uses my sovereignty thinks it is the first time its used, every time.
  16. where can i get kosher salt?

    I just got done boiling my ash catcher it seems to be fine
  17. [quote name='"TokingDaily420"']where can i get kosher salt?

    I just got done boiling my ash catcher it seems to be fine[/quote]

    You can get kosher salt at any grocery store. By the regular table salt. Don't get the fine ground stuff...wont work as well

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