How to calibrate pH and TDS pen?

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  1. Just picked up a pH pen and TDS pocket meter...separate pens. When I calibrate them do I adjust them while they are in the solution or remove them from the calibrating solution adjust until I get the correct reading when they are in the calibrating solution?:confused:

    New to this by the way the pH pen is a one point model Milwakee 600 and and a TDS Milwakee CD97

    Thank You
  2. Calibrate in the solution (or solutions if your Milwakee has a 2 point calibration like mine).
  3. No mine have a 1 point do I place them in their calibration solution and spin the adjustment screw so that it reads the same as the calibration solution? So in theory when I remove then and reenter them into the calibration solution they should read the same reading as the calibration solution?
  4. i have the same problem mines just wont calirate i had it it 7.0 solution i have a vitalsine ph meter i feel ripped off since i cnt get it to work right
  5. and oscar yes that sounds correct i beive thats how you do it but i belive you have to let it sit in the solution for a lil
  6. thank you
  7. Yes, if you test the PH X twice it should read the same. Note that with mine the manual states you need to give the reading time to "stabilize". Mine usually does so after about 15 seconds in solution.

    Have you been diligent about storing your probe in the ph7 buffer solution? The guy who sold me mine a the local hydro store explained to me that the probes wear out quickly if kept dry, and the first sign of a worn out probe is one that won't calibrate.

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