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How to calibrate a Diablo Fuzion Scale

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by frumplemaster, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. I lost my manual and need to know how to calibrate a diablo fuzion scale. mine is off by about a fifth. it is white and has a little display that swings out from under it.
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    I couldn't find any online info for this scale either. I have the 50g x .01 model, I assume it's the same for the 100g x .1 model. Here's how I got it close to exact calibration:

    1. Put the scale on a solid surface, turn it on and press tare to zero it
    2. Hold down the mode button until the word CAL appears (~5 seconds)
    3. Press mode once more, CAL will flash twice followed by a flashing 50.00
    4. Put the 50g weight on, within 5 seconds the word PASS appears and your scale is calibrated

    Mine now reads 50.01 with the weight on, pretty good for a cheap scale

    Good luck
  3. I got this exact same scale that I am trying to calibrate except it says 75g x 0.01g on the back. Does that mean I use a 50 gram weight for it because that is what it keeps asking for when I try to calibrate it?
  4. I managed to calibrate it with a 50 gram weight I think or I hope at least lol. Can someone tell me why it says 75g on the back?

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