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How To: Budder. The Secret Recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mordecai, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. First off, the TEK I am posting is from "Dr. Atomic's Marijuana Multiplier"

    This is the supposed secret to making budder (not cannabutter we cook up to use in food). The creator never let the secret leak.... well now it did.

    This procedure can be very dangerous. So I warn all of you to use caution.

    Here it is...

    What you will need
    • Hash Oil (Which now you have)
    • Fuming Sulphuric Acid (NOTHING WILL COMPROMISE HERE OK! - Needs to be fuming aka 100% to be a catalyst)
    • Absolute ethanol (95-96% treated with drying agent to remove water) or Pure Methanol
    • PET Ether
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Glass stirring rod
    • Pyrex Dish (just use the one you used to collect!!)
    • Reflux Apparatus
    1. Dissolve the hash oil in absolute ethanol or pure methanol in the ratio of one gram extract to ten grams solvent. There must be no water in this solution! (using fuming sulfuric acid next so trust SWIM on this one!)
    2. Next add one drop of 100% sulfuric acid per gram of extract. Add the acid slowly, drop by drop, stirring slowly and completely, with a long glass stirring rod.
    3. Place a Pyrex pot containing the extract-alcohol-acid solution into the refluxing apparatus and reflux for two hours. The acid will not evaporate and will remain in the Pyrex pot. Allow to cool.
    4. Take the cooled solution, pour with an equal volume of water and 1/2 volume of petroleum ether into the ether-extraction apparatus (separation funnel).
    5. Allow to settle, and drain the ether extract layer. This leaves an ether-extract-acid mix from which the acid must be purged.
    6. To accomplish a purge, one pours the ether-extract-solution into four volumes of 5% sodium bicarbonate solution (1 gram bicarb. in 20 grams of water). This
      will neutralize the acid, releasing CO2 and leaving a solution of sodium sulphate.
    7. Allow this to settle into layers, then drain the ether-extract layer.
    8. Mix the ether-extract solution with an equal volume of pure water and let it separate.
    9. Drain off the ether-extract layer and evaporate it (the ether-extract layer), what remains is hash oil in which all of the cannabinoids have been converted into THC."

    This procedure takes much time, proper equipment and skills.

    If you want to get higher than you ever have before, this may be worth your time.
  2. Nice recipe... not going to try it, but nice to know its out there. I hear 1 tiny drop of this stuff is like 4 blunts!
  3. where i'm from the best reading is that which encourages further reading.

    i'll be looking around to find some other reading on this subject, my fine sir.

    i'm unlikely to attempt this any time soon.

    that being said, we are all in your debt.

    i hope everyone who reads this man's post stays safe.
  4. yeah thats really the only reason i posted it.
  5. Nice recipe. If I ever have an ounce of weed to waste I'll do this
  6. well, go read a book, and when you want the recipe for the most potent form of THC, you know where to find it.
  7. do you have personal experience working with these chemicals?

    if not, i'm assuming you have tried the product?

    do any pictures of the product or process exist to the extent of your knowledge?

    finally, what sorts of things can go wrong? (i'm sure there are a myriad. just some basics would be greeat.)

    am i more likely to explode
    or smoke cyanide

    if i were to fuck up? (again, i'm not actually making this, i suppose its just general inquisition. i'm a curious young man i suppose)

    thanks a million
  8. it exists. never seen it in life but ive seen flix.

    but sulphuric acid? youve gotta be fucking kidding me. never in a million years will i EVER get within 100 yards of that stuff.
  9. [ame=""]YouTube - how i make canna budder[/ame]

    no sulphuric acid bicarbonate or whatever that said lol
  10. mind posting up a tut?
  11. Sulfuric acid is necessary to convert to delta-9 THC, it has been documented since the 70s, look up the book: Cannabis Alchemy.
    of course, this shit is way more dangerous than BHO process
  12. This isn't the same thing
  13. That's just Hashbean heating and mixing hash oil so it's more of a powdery substance.
  14. i dont think that video and what he explained are the same type of "budder"

    and why is the pure thc white and powdery? :S or is budder not pure?
  15. the video is how to make "tincure" not "budder" they are similar though
  16. the purest sample budder ever recorderded was 98.9% pure. it has some other alkaloids and cannabinoids that arent necessary, but for the most part, it is very pure. the pure budder is a sort of white/tanish in color and is NOT powdery.
  17. on a half serious half joking note, i think this topic would be more suited in the seasoned tokers section haha, this is no fire cracker recipe if you will
  18. yo thats a different thing, the delta nine, they sell that too, but the budder im talkin about is the reheating and cooling of bho to make it into a more refined substance

  19. Awesome man, like most other people said, not sure if I'll ever get around to trying it, but I got it saved just in case I do, thanks!
  20. yeah, i feel ya on that. the heating and cooling just further purifies it.

    thats the main reason, its here if anyone decides to try. just spreading the wealth

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