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How to blow a good shotgun (guide)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TotallyToked, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So, I'm home sick today from work, and bored, so I thought I'd write this little guide. Sorry, no pics.

    Blowing shotguns is one of the more entertaining things you can do while smoking a blunt. Here is how to blow a good one:

    0) Examine the blunt. If it is burning REALLY unevenly, you need to shape it up first (lick your finger and rub saliva around the further burning side, slowing it down so the other sides can catch up). The more evenly the blunt is burning, the better. (This step is kinda optional, but having an evenly burning blunt is nice anyway)

    1) Take a really deep breath and hold it

    2) Turn the blunt around so the cherry (ie: the burning part) is facing you, put it in your mouth (backwards) about 1-1.5 inches past the cherry. The cherry should end up a little before or right at the middle of your tongue. Keep your tongue pressed down (you do NOT want to touch the cherry with any part of your mouth... ouch)

    3) Close the outside of your lips around the blunt, creating an airtight seal. Do NOT pucker your lips, as this will get the blunt all slobbery. You sort of curl your lips inward so that the dry, outer portion is touching the blunt.

    4) Choose a shotgun blowing method (see below), and get into position.

    5) Blow a steady, moderately strong stream of air for as long as you can, or until the person taking the shotgun starts coughing or backs away. If you aren't sure how strong, hold a tissue in front of your face (you may want to practice this on your own...), make your lips into a small O (like you have a blunt in your mouth and your lips are closed on it), and blow hard enough to move the tissue to about a 45 degree angle. You should blow steady enough so that it just stays there without really moving much at all until you are out of air. (Once you get more experienced, you can blow harder or softer depending on how thick a stream of smoke the person taking the shotgun wants)

    Shotgun blowing methods:


    - Have the person taking the shotgun put their mouth up near the other end of the blunt. They inhale as you blow smoke through


    - River of smoke: Put your hands together (touching at the sides, palms up) with the heel of your hands at the other end of the blunt. You want your hands cupped a litlte. You are trying to make a trench/half-pipe (like if you took a tube and cut it in half down the middle). This will look somewhat like a canoe. The person taking the shotgun should do the same, with thier fingertips laying right below yours (so that you have a continuous half-pipe). When you blow the shotgun, the smoke will flow along your hands, into their hands, and then into their mouth (which needs to be up by the heel of their hands). (Called "river of smoke" because the smoke is like water in a river)

    - Drinkable shotgun: Take a chilled glass (the colder the better). (If you are in a pinch for a chilled glass, you could try putting a bunch of ice in a glass, but I've never tried that...). Blow the shotgun into the glass. The smoke will become chilled enough not to rise out of the glass. Whoever is taking the shotgun then drinks the smoke out of the glass.


    - Ice river: This is probably only worth it if you are having a party or something... Get a large sheet of ice at least an inch thick. Carve a riverbed through it (those things they use to carve wood, the ones with the half-circle really sharp thing at the end, I don't know what they are called, work well). You can have twists and turns, dips and dives if you like. (I haven't seen one with dips and dives, but I think that would work). You blow the shotgun into one side of the river, where it will flow through the ice-river, and out into the other persons mouth. If the river is long, this will waste some smoke. (though you could probably just blow the rest through... I've never seen a really long one of these).
  2. Good Guide. I already knew how to blow a shotgun but you explained it very well :smoking:

    I have never heard of a Ice River either, sounds pretty tight. :hello:
  3. good guide, helped me alot. never blown a shotgun before, probably cuz i mainly smoke bowls

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