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  1. i have alot of fat around my lower stomach/belly area. from the waist up, how would i go about getting rid of this, so far i have lost about 25 lbs by cutting my calories but i just cant seem to lose this extra weight after, im not seeing a change anymore by just cutting my calories.

    Also interested, I began working out a little over a month ago and even though I've cut my calories, increased my activity, and I'm building muscle(in other places) I just don't seem to drop the weight around this area at all.
  3. riite -_- and this is the area i want to lose first lol
  4. It took years for your belly to gain all that fat its not gunna be a quick fix, just keep up what your doing and you should be just fine. If you get CLA pills i heard helps you get rid of belly fat but it only works well when you incorperate diet, excercise, and cla.
  5. What are cla pills, and where do I get them from? Gmc?
    I have this problem to, Iam starting to see results but of course I want it to go faster.
  6. Conjugated linoleic acid

    Ya gnc or any supplement store will have it.
  7. Running is by far the best workout for burning belly fat.

    Not jogging. Running.

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    "Fat targeting", or burning fat in one specific area is [bold]impossible[bold] . Fat is burned evenly throughout the body. You can target build muscle but you cannot target fat loss. The only way to get rid of belly fat is lower your body fat percentage with compound movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench press, and planks.
  9. Those pills do NOT work. They require use with exercise and diet because THOSE are what get you the results, not the pills. But because of the pills, you become more motivated to work out. The pills do nothing, forget them.
  10. :( fmlz i cut like so much calories, im a tru fatboi at heart </3 but oh well guess im starting to work out
  11. I remember reading one that claimed "up to 8% increased fat burn) but only if used as part of an "intense exercise routine"

    So what they basically said is if you spend tons of money you can increase the effects of your workout by an insignificant ammount while damaging your organs.

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    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote' :mad: fmlz i cut like so much calories, im a tru fatboi at heart diet

    </blockquote>People who try to just diet, are taking the lazy rout. And as a result will often lack the will to follow through.

    Exercize first. Diet will follow

    Youll be more inclined to buy good food when you feel.good and want to see results.

    If your lazy and just try to diet, you will just give up eventually.

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  13. You can try carb-cycling or cutting out carbs slowly, not drastically.
    Everyone has issues losing fat in that area. There's no short-term solution, only long term.
  14. Try some if that HIIT(high intensity interval training) I have been trying to lose stomach fat, for a while now. I started some hiit and ai see it melting away. My adonis belt is coming in, yeahhhhboy. bieberdatazzfresh.png bieberdatazzfresh.png
  15. HIIT on an empty stomach.
    Forgot all the sophisticated lingo but there are certain enzymes or hormones in those certain "stubborn" fat areas that make it especially hard to burn off.  Some people have it in the chest, some in the stomach, some in the ass, etc.
  16. fasho thanks im gonna try to check out what all this HIIT talk is all about. any other personal experiences in losing it fast tho?/advice
  17. You can only be patient, there isn't really a "fast" solution. Everyone is different, some people do see faster results than others though. If you really want to lose that belly fat, your nutrition is really the key factor. I used to work at gnc, most of those pills are bullshit lol. I use to smh at all these people expecting results from just the pill, its kind of has the placeebo effect.
  18. Some of them are spiked with actual pharmaceutical compounds that aid in appetite suppression or even analogue stimulants.

    Look around online :)
  19. Yup, this is the correct answer.
  20. ^^ the above is true, you cannot lose fat in one area in particular.
    However, doing plenty of cardio will help with your belly fat, as well as every other area of your body.
    Personally I love cycling, I have a pretty wicked bike and I use it alot, I destroyed my left knee about 5 years ago so running doesn't appeal to me, too high impact.
    And like the above said, squats, deadlifts, bench/overhead presses and bodyweight exercises can't hurt.

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