How to be happy? Just stop caring so much..check this out

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    You should really read this page on improving your thoughts.. It really helps me whenever im bummin out or some shit.
    One day I was fed up because I just cared about everything way too much, maybe I was just bein too sensitive or college was just too much pressure at the time, so I googled, "how to stop caring", and clicked on the first link.. and it changed how I thought about everything.

    The Secret to Happiness: Stop Caring | Illuminated Mind

    One of the best quotes I saw in the article...

    As soon as we reach one level of success, we’re hurrying to upgrade our search and move on to the next level of the chase. We never stop to think that it’s not the failure to win the game that causes our grief, but the game itself.
  2. To end suffering you must end desire.
  3. hmmm thats something to really think about. Something must die in order for something to start. < my "behavior change" professor said this one
  4. I was quoting Siddartha lol.
  5. aw man I thought you were my savior :rolleyes:
  6. I enjoyed that article and will start using it's principles.
  7. I can dress up like Jesus :confused_2:
  8. i think happiness is something that you create. because you can be in a bad situation but you can still find happiness. i just say fuck the world imma do me

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