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How to be discreet tonight!?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I haven't smoked in like a 1/2 months after getting caught again. Info on me: I'm a junior (held back in elementary) and 18 with no job(looking for one). My mother still treats me like a child and took my phone and didn't even allow me to go out (her house, her rules).. Fast forward to now, I now have my phone but haven't been out lately.

    I was asked to go to my boy's girlfriend 18th birthday party and my mom said she'll drive me there and pick me up but she keeps saying don't fuck up or mess up again and I keep saying it's just a birthday party and she says "so... you did it at school and blah blah..."

    The party starts at 7 and ends at 10 and my boy is bringing 2 blunts and we're smoking it around 7:30ish... He said he got me as far as smell and shit but I'm still kind of scared. This can make or break trust.

    I think she may drug test me too afterwards. She never has though but I think she may pull it so I have some clean piss in the bathroom hidden.

    What are some good tips to be good when she comes gets me?
  2. Just wash your hands and walk around a lot
  3. Yeah wash your hands and make sure your breath is fine. Also good to pop in some Visine. Also one question, what kind of 18th birthday party gooes from 7-10?? Unless you mean 10 am, then that doesnt sounds like much of a party :p
  4. I have no Visine -_____-. I have pinkeye drops but I tried that before and still had ***** eyes. I have no clue why it's 7-10PM... Maybe her rents are strict?
  5. Challenger her.

    "Come at me, mom! I dare you! Come at me!":cool:
  6. 7 is still a minute away. Maybe somebody at the party will bum you some drops. But if you haven't smoked in 2+ weeks I would definitely buy some Rhotos or Visine, like right now. Your mom sounds like a pot nazi, you can't let her win.
  7. I suggest you find a job before you consider smoking again...And the whole being left back thing makes me think you aren't the brightest crayon in the box, but i shall share with you anyway.

    Your piss that you saved up will fail her drug test if she does test you because many of those kits are temperature based, your piss is a little warmer then body temp if i remember correctly. So unless you heat your piss your pinched, if you got balls i would just smoke and tell your mom to fuck off to be honest. But if you are still living under her roof its her rules man, its all your call we can't tell you how to live your life.

    But i say smoke and get laid.
  8. You'll be good to smoke, but make sure you're walking around after, even go outside to get air and let your clothes "breathe," and definitely get some eye drops. If you have gum, or mints, use those too but not directly before you get picked up, cause your mom might be like "why does your breath smell fresh?" Pop the mints or gum like 30 min before, then spit it out a few minutes before she picks you up. Ask your friend if he can bring some drops if you cant get any.

    Most importantly, just try to act normal when she gets you. If you smoke around 7, that gives you a few hours to come down which you definitely will. By the time she picks you up, you'll probably be high still but it will be wearing off and you'll be able to act normal. Just tell her how it was and be somewhat talkative, just act like you normally do. Thank her for letting you go out and say you had a good time just socializing and celebrating your friends birthday.
  9. Thank you. That's some 5 star advice.
  10. Thanks. Regarding the piss test, if I am tested, I will just go ahead and pee. When I pop negative I'll just show her some sites that say that THC can be in your system for 60+ days. Glad you mentioned that.
  11. Just bring an orange after you smoke peel it and eat it. Functional and delicious.
  12. Visine sucks get Rhoto's eat orange don't spray yourself with colgne it's obvious where a second shirt underneath so wear 2 white t shirts , hand sanitizer and tell your mom your 18 you can do what you want....
  13. Get one of your friends, go to a CVS get clear eye and just dont act like a moron when your mom picks you up. Pretty easy tbh
  14. i wouldnt even smoke if shes that suspicious now. just build her trust after a couple more nights out and smoke later. it doesnt sound like you would even have a good time if you smoked since you'd be stressing over your mom at the end of the night
  15. The piss cannot be more than a couple of hours old before it's ruined... Just letting you know. It's pretty stupid to risk it after two fucking weeks. Though I'm not going to give you a moral speech, just letting you know. Good luck!

    - Serenity
  16. Honestly, dont risk it. She is obviously expecting you to "fuck up", so prove her wrong and she will most likley not even suspect next time.
  17. my biggest suggestion would be to just chill out about it !
    you'll end up all paranoid,& thats just a high killer.
    relax, smoke thos blunts to the dome&have fun dude. it should be common sense what you need to do to be in the clear.
  18. i dont know bout you guys, but my hair smells after i smoke. and the dude up there kind of has a point ^^^
  19. smoke outside so no sidestream smoke gets into ur clothes. shit smells like a mofo. wash ur hands. eye drops mos def need eye drops. and gum, dont want chapped lips, or any indication of cottonmouth or smokey breath.
  20. She's gonna catch you....find a job and get your shit straight to move out...

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