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How to avoid getting burnt out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by parachutes420, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Lately when I smoke I have been getting so burnt out.
    I have been smoking for a little below a year. Here is what the burnout feels like: I get a reaaly bad headache, my eyes hurt, and the back of my kneck cramps up. I get so tired that I can't hold my head up but I can't sleep because oft migraine and my brain feels like it's pushing against my skull.

    So today I decided that the solution was to smoke more weed, but that just made it extra worse on the next comedown.

    So how do I avoid this? I plan to smoke a lot on 4/20 and I want to make sure my head doesn't explode on that day :/
  2. Christ, sounds at first like some bad swchag, or you are burning up seeds. A low quality indica could explain the lethargic tired feeling and seeds or low quality in general could account for the headaches.

    Or you could actually be super-burnt out. Only thing I can think of is to take a t-break and drink plenty of water during it. Break now until 4/20.
  3. Smoke better weed. Normally I give other tips, but in your situation I'm 99% positive it's just the quality of the weed.
  4. Smoke better weed
  5. In 20 minutes, how many hits do you take?

    How big are your hits?
  6. Marijuana giving you a headache. Get some better buds like everyone else is saying.
  7. Actually this is the best stuff I've ever had. I may still be a tad new to this, but I know the difference between schwag and kush.

    And there aren't any seeds in it

    I think it's because I always get the munchies really bad, I think it's the eating that's getting me. and today I smoked 2 bowls within 10-15 minutes so that's probably it.
  8. Just because there are no seeds doesn't automatically make it dank and especially doesn't make it Kush. There are much more to it than just that.
  9. Sorry for the double post but do you think maybe drinking more water would help? Maybe I'll start forcing myself to bring 3 waterbottles every burn

    also, I was thinking about it and I've smoked some pretty dank shit before and I've never gotten this headache/migrain
  10. Well if this is happening with multiple different strains and you're sure they're dank, your only real option is to take a tolerance break. Water is said to help as well so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try that either.
  11. The only thing that ever gave me a headache was Resin, which I've been smoking a lot of lately due to lack of the big W. I've never had schwag before, the shittiest stuff I ever had was some merch with a lot of seeds, but it does sound like a quality control issue.
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    ^ yeah drinking lots of water is good regardless of marijuana usage. i remember when i had smoked about as long as you i got that same feeling but thats because i got more high so the comedown (if you can call it that haha) was worse but now that ive smoked everyday for 2 years i still get pretty high but none of those symptoms. Also try not to gorge yourself when you baked cause doing this can cause those symptoms cause when your high and you eat WAY! more than you usually would, tons of blood goes to your stomach and away from your head! this happens when your not high after eating but when your high its possible to way overeat
  13. water and better weed. no seeds no stems. dont smoke till 420
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    Take a break from now till 420 and the next time you do smoke make sure its dank and seedless. Also drink lots of water during your break (and from now on really). Ive noticed alot of people that have the headache problem dont drink water as much as they should.

    edit:also vitamin C and eating right in general
  15. Stems are ok.
  16. How much sleep do you normally get? Maybe you've had several long days recently and the body is tired and want to catch up.
  17. Ok but on the totally other end of the spectrum I've smoked some really shifty stuff several times and not even bothered to take out seeds and been fine

    also my eyes get really dry (of course they do but eye drops don't work) and I notice a more rapid heartbeat, only on the "comedown". Especially ifi get paranoid, I have come close to a panic attack, I can feel my breathing getting shallow and my heart feels like it is pounding my chest. I also feel very dizzy with the headache/migrain
  18. yea i get burnt out alot not as extream as you but water, activites, and energy drinks help
  19. Thanks for the advice guys. I think I'm just going to take it slow when I smoke, avoid food, drink plenty of water and just overall watching my general health. Also, I think cleansing when I'm not smoking should help
  20. Sound advice for almost anyone. :hello:

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