how to approach a girl?

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  1. So I feel like I'm a nice guy have plenty of girl friends thing is I'm pretty much friend zoned with all of them since they are all friends and if I get one mad at me it would be akward to say none the less. I'm kind of shy so don't really know how to approach girls where would be some good places in a city to go meet new people and do this? Thanks
  2. confidently.
  3. Get a will make things 10 times easier
  4. try practicing small talk with random strangers just talking about the weather current events and such and move along even if it lasts for 30 seconds it's fine, then start practicing walking up to random women giving compliments and such give it a go eventually you'll feel comfortable, just don't forget you'll never meet those people EVER again! So who cares if you just made a fool out of yourself you can laugh at yourself after even better get really stoned and do this stuff :smoke:
  5. Confidence... thats pretty much it... Don't be afraid to get rejected, once rejection ain't a fear, you will master the "GAME"...
  6. Confidence. Don't put the pussy on a pedestal. They're just women and they bleed for 5 days and still live. It's almost like they're a whole different species. So approach them as if you're on an expedition into uncharted territory or like that guy from Avatar. Go Jurassic Park mode on these hoes.

  7. Sounds like confidences is the name of the game huhh. So just go up to a good looking girl at local shopping store and say hey drop cheesy semi witty pick up line and ask if she wants to grab a drink?

    Where are good places to meet people?
  8. do that then whisper in her ear, "let me slip it in you"

  9. Lol'd so hard. Might be worth a shot judging off body language

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