How to add Ferts to ALREADY WET soil?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Leapfrog, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. With all the rain we are having I was wondering how you are adding liquid Ferts to already wet soil sitting in plastic pots.


    - Leapfrog
  2. were not..

  3. Well I didn't have to water my plants for 3+ weeks now...and it's time for some ferts!
  4. What's up,

    Tough question

    I'd say don't fertilize (if you water more it will be worse ---> rott). So just let nature do its thing. Plants keep fertilizers for several weeks so maybe they don't need more.

    Besides, as you may know, it's best to stop fertilizing about 1 month before harvest (or you get a metallic taste from what I read). It's better to get some good tasting weed than risk the rotting.

    Hope it stops raining!
  5. I have READ it too. But haven´t noticed anything of the kind in practice. It is another piece of BS that just gets repeated forever.

  6. Thanks guys!

    They are new plants at the end of their 4th week now. About 10" tall. I know it's late for new plants at this point but where I live daylight is still 13+ hours long and temps never drop below 70F all year long so I thought I'll give it a shot.

    Besides a couple minor bug probs they still look great so I guess no drama there. :hello:
  7. And you're the police here? I don't think it's BS, have you ever heard of "flushing" (or read if that's ok with you who knows all without reading). I prefer having buds that aren't full of chemicals as you are gonna smoke/vap or eat it right!!! You're so uptight fly boy.

  8. corto maltese you got me lost there.... :confused:

    - Leapfrog
  9. I think it was aimed at cantharis.

    chill out corto. cantharis is knowledgable and has been doing this long enough to have opinions on most topics. Remember it is peoples "opinion" voiced on these forums; you can always respond with your opinion should you disagree.

  10. Jeez, hope there are no police here.

    Yes, I have heard of flushing, and done it. I imagine you have READ about it.

    I did not believe that failing to fert made any difference to the taste of buds, so one year did an experiment, some plants I ´flushed´ (don´t even like the expression) and some didn´t. Found no difference whatever in the taste.
    As I said, this is one of those things that you are always told to do, and people just accept it is the case.
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    Yes I have READ (although not actually tried: i am guilty of noobness aaaaah) it and it WAS for Cantharis who's all over this outdoor forum pretending to want to help people but in fact just looking for people who know less than him ("Fucking noobs" as he likes to call them) and being rude and snobbish. It's not like it's such an issue of not knowing everyyyy little thing on growing the mj. That's my opinion. Sorry for the other cool people.

    Cantharis YOU do what you want, other people do what they want. If it's not to much to ask, it seems logical to prefer a plant with little or no ferts than one full of it. Maybe you haven't noticed a difference but other people have. Sorry if you "don't even like the expression" (you're so full of yourself).
    Have a nice day.
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    Corto, sorry if you object to the results of the little experiment that I did.
    I just tell the facts as I found them.
    But as I sometimes challenge accepted procedures, I have been accused of heresy before, both by you, and those a LOT more knowledgeable than you. But I will continue to promote the ideas that I sincerely believe to be true, rather than just going along with the herd. If I did not do that, I would not be true to myself.
  13. I have flushed for two weeks and for two days and I can't tell the difference. I am sure some people can but I am not one of them.
  14. You too.
    I believe it is one of those practices that everyone accepts needs to be done, but in reality makes no difference.
  15. OK Here is what I dont understand
    Im a blond so bare with me please Question?
    After one Flushes their plants, How the hell do I get them back out of the crapper?
    And after being flushed I really dont think they will taste any better after floating around down there.

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