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How Tight is Too Tight? First BHO Attempt

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by MrWiggles91, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. I got some clippings from an amazing Extrema plant and plan on making BHO. I understand completely how to do it but, how tight should the material be?
  2. blow through the tube, you can feel the pressure building as you pack it tighter...just dont pack so tight that you cant blow through your tube.
  3. Thank you :D

    I think i did pack it a little tight. While I was doing it, I let off the butane and started taking it out of the cap and some butane shot out. But, all in all, it turned out well ;)

    One problem, my BHO is kinda dark, almost green. Does this mean some plant material got in it?
  4. you got whats called a blow out...luckily your cap didnt blow off and contaminate your oil with little bits of weed, lol...its happened to me.:eek:
    butane usually doesnt pull chlorophyll unless its in contact with the material for extended periods of time(closed extractors that recycle butane produce darker oils).
    i am going to assume where you had it packed tightly that the butane had a harder time escaping and contact time was extended creating a darker product...next time you should be ok if you don't get a blow out.

    did you use whole buds or ground up?
  5. I used clippings and I ground and froze them.

    Thank you for all the insight, oh great junkee of blood. I'm going for round two tomorrow :D How do I know if it's not tight enough?
  6. ah you dont have to grind up clippings and you barely have to pack your tube as dry clippings settle pretty nicely...
    I say pack until you feel the resistance, stop and do the blow test, continue if you can blow through too easily.
    The key to successful butane extraction is the solvent/material contact time.
    if the tube is packed too loose the butane remains a gas and is extremely ineffective if its packed too tight gas becomes trapped turns to liquid and you get blow outs.
    you want a happy medium where the gas turns to liquid and flows consistantly through the tube...no air pockets/dead spots.
  7. You know if you skim through this thread it sounds dirty as hell...

  8. haha nice. true though.
  9. the same could be said for your username:rolleyes:
  10. Thank you so much. Im about to go for attempt number 2 :D
  11. Attempt number 2 worked better. I still had a blow out... Any tips on not doing this? I'm sadly using a turkey baster if that gives any insight.

    I just can't see what I am doing wrong. I only put enough pressure to get all the clippings down the tube. I even blew through it to test and felt air coming from the end so I thought it was ok.

    This time it's a very light amber color. It looks BEAUTIFUL. Just want more and not have to blow all the butane out haha.
  12. now its just a matter of trial and error, try not packing trimmings at all and see what happens...let them settle in the tube on their own.

    ss turkey basters are excellent extractors.
  13. Again, thank you for the help :D Gonna go for attempt 3 and 4 tonight :D

    Gonna need more soon... Trimmings worth running twice?
  14. no they aren't...hope I got to you in time, lol.:smoke:
    and youre welcome
  15. well first i dont know how much tane your spraying but it should be around a quarter can.
    also when your spraying spray till clear and then realease just enough pressure to "close" the butane can but keep pressure on the can to make a seal. this is especially important if you have a gong fitting on the tane end.
    holding the can keeps the pressure inside and forces all the pressure and oil and tane to comeout the bottom.
  16. Tight like a tiger!

  17. Why do you think closed extractors that reclaim the solvent produce darker material?

    I've produced everything from black tar to clear/golden honey in my Tamisium TE175.
  18. what do you do for your filter system in the Turkey Bastor. my buddy put two balled up coffee filters in , then the bud  and a coffee filter folded in half on the bottem as a screening system.  does anyone know the true meaning of putting these filters in. i under stand the one to cover the end. but should it be more then one? and are the filters stuffed in the tube have any purpose ?  
    You don't need all those filters shoved in your tube.  When I blast, I just use one coffee filter folded in half and i double zip tie it on the end of my extractor.  Its important to cut off all the excess filter too, you don't want hash to be absorbed into parts of the filter that aren't filtering.

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