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How the hell does a 30 something office worker find a dealer in a new town?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by buzzmctweeds, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Seriously, if you're married, got a stuffy office job, don't feel like risking some back alley gamble, don't have the privacy to grow your own, don't hang out at bars, and don't want to be a creeper at some college hangouts what the hell do you do? I'm tired of going back home to NY to the people I know there, with something all around there has to be a sound approach. I mean I moved to Connecticut, it's decriminalized and medical on the way but still why is MJ so freaking taboo? It's like everyone looks at you like you're a narc cause you are a stranger! I'd love to find a normal dude I can buy decent stuff from. What would you do?
  2. best bet is look for old friends who might of moved around ur way. or maybe ask around at work. sucks not having a connect :(
  3. go to the bar one night, have some drink talk to some cool people and you may find a hookup.

    talk to people at your office, you'd be surprised how many people are closet tokers and even if they aren't if you talk to a few people at least one should be able to point you in the right direction.
  4. even though you playa hated we still made it to the top . . .

  5. Yeah, Nothing ventured nothing gained I guess. Maybe I'll dust off the darts and try a local bar. What about leaving a name or number with the bartender? Or is that just a bad idea?
  6. thats a bad idea unless you really really know the bartender but ya dude you just gotta ask around it's usally a safe bet that if you ask 20 people at lest one of them will know of some one selling weed if nothing else also if you got kids in high school + you could go through them tho im sure that would be touchy for a parent to do
  7. Look for a glass shop or a Spencers store. Something along those lines. It depends on how you look you might just be a sketchy looking guy. But trees are everywhere, maybe not great quality that might come in time.
  8. I (was) in the same situation OP. White collar, 30's, family, new area, didn't know anybody. So I ordered off the interwebz (which we cannot discuss on this forum....PM me) and did so for some time until I started making local connects in my area, strangely enough from smoking out with friends with my internet weed who then referred me to those people.

    I still order sometimes online if I am looking for a specific strain where I know it's from a genuine source. :metal:

  9. Dude I'll totally screw that approach up. I can picture browsing the shop for an hour and then going up to people and saying stuff like "hey do you shop here often" or "hey do you like Marijuana, yeah me too" lol!
  10. go on kijiji and search 420, weed, kush
    many people will think you're a cop
  11. If you were a little closer I could help you out but your about an hour away and everyone I know is a half an hour in the other direction.
  12. go on kijiji or craigslist if you in the mood for getting stabbed once or twice.
  13. It's simple, we kill the batman.

  14. Exactly! Seems like craiglist is way too risky!
  15. Just go to a bar a few nights, im sure someone knows someone who would be glad to take your money man.

    If its possible, take a blunt with you. Then ask anyone if they would like to partake.
  16. Find a local headshop, wait for people who buy bongs or anything you know they're smoking the sticky with, ask ask ask lol. This is a great way to find connections

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  17. Bar wins! I'm going to track down a place with lots of local beer and make a night of trying.

  18. I will freak people out or just come off wrong, seriously like an awkward dude trying to pick up a girl.
  19. I feel your pain, man, as I did the same exact thing. Only, I moved from CT to MA. I was fortunate enough to run into a guy whom I went to high school with (in CT) that lives nearby and he happens to also deal. Win win for me.

    Now, I dont know any dealers in CT anymore, but I have plenty of friends that still live down there that also smoke. I could probably hook you up with one of them to get a connect, but fuck... see, this is what I hate about the internet. I assume youre a standup guy, but I dont know you... and one can NEVER be sure. So, Im reluctant.

    But hit me up via PM. I'd like to try and help you out.
  20. \
    Horrible idea that sounds like something a narc would try

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