how the hell can I fuck it up that easily?

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  1. There is a girl who i have been kind of interested in for the last little bit. The few times I have been to parties she has been to I she has always been really cool, and shes always seemed friendly. Now granted I know that a girl being friendly does not automatically mean that she likes me. But I wanted to get to know her a little better.

    Unfortunately I have had very little opportunities to hang out with her in person. It sucks but it is just how it has worked out. I want to try to hang out with her more, but I am going to be leaving for school in the next few days. I did however hear from a friend of mine that she would be going to college pretty close to me. So I talked to one of my friends who also knew her pretty well about it. and the convo went like this.

    me: ive been liking this girl a lot man, do you think i have a shot with her?

    friend: oh yea man for sure. you can get her.

    me: well im going to be going to school pretty close to her, should i say something about that?

    friend: yeah def. call her sometime and talk to her about it. tell her that you will be going to school near her and that you will be going to some of the same parties as her or something.

    me: well i dont have her number, were friends and all, but i dont know her well enough to have her number just yet.

    friend: well message her on facebook then. just talk to her about school and stuff.

    now I know that trying to date a girl through facebook is stupid. and that isnt my intention. i just wanted to say something to get the conversation of us hanging out going. i wanna get to know her in person, but at the same time messaging her on FB seemed like the best way to get that all started. So I did it and said

    "hey whats up kelly. aren't you going to UT for school next year?"

    Well it hasnt been very long, probably around a day or so, but i have been kind of nervous about it. like what if i somehow said the wrong thing and never get an answer back?

    my friend asked me if i messaged her today and i told him what i said. and he was like "oh dude, you shouldnt have just straight up asked her about it, you should have said something like hey how are ya then gradually get into the subject.

    so basically what he said is that I fucked it barely said anything and I already fucked it up. how the fuck do i manage to do that? one sentence and i fucked it man. how can somebody fuck up something as casual as asking where you are going to school so damn easily. wtf is wrong with me? how do i mange to do this shit? I honestly think im going to give up. i still see no sign of her messaging me back.

    why the hell does it seem like i always do this shit...fuck...talking to a girl seems so fucking specific and i never seem to have a grasp on the right thing to say. maybe i never had a shot with her at all, but still...damn...this is not the first time i have screwed up something like this..

    oh well. i guess ill just go to college and focus on meeting girls there. anytime facebook is involved i get fucked over anyways. maybe i just need to delete that bullshit.
  2. its ok dude just realize its not a big deal whether this girl talks to you or not because its not. if she is so full of her own shit that she decides to stop talking to another human being just because of an innocent comment then shes not worth your fucking time.

  3. Listen to this guy. He knows what hes talking about. If she is really going to not reply because of a one sentence comment like that (and to be honest it doesn't sound like you are hitting on her at all) then she is not as cool or friendly as you made her out to be. Don't let the actions of a girl reflect on who you are as a person.
  4. yeah... you basically stalked her.

    in her eyes, anyway.
  5. dude all you have to do is take 3-4 girls who show interest in you and do the exact same thing

    youll feel so much better about yourself after!

  6. If you weigh less than 120 pounds, that might be why shes not messaging you back. That's not exactly a stalker question... more like a conversation starter. But yeah, it's always best to just open up the convo with a friendly "hi".
  7. well i dont weigh less that 120 pounds, but yeah maybe that did come off bad and i somehow once again fucked it up. damn...from now on im just gonna stay the fuck off of facebook and stop taking these risk. it never seems to work out anyways.
  8. Dude, its cool. You didnt do anything wrong. Maybe she hasnt even read it yet. Be cool and patient. Not a stalker question at all. Agree with golgi apparatus that she aint worth your time if shes that full of herself.
  9. I'd think she probably read that going "How does he know...?". So it might've came off a bit odd...

    but not all hope is lost.
  10. dude you're going to college. ride out the summer, get a job and make some cash.
    and be ready to be neck deep in pussy in a few months...

  11. ^^
  12. I HAAAATE texting man. Its so easy to say "the wrong thing" Fuck technology!!
  13. ^wisdom^

    some chick snagged my phone the other night and texted some shit to my gf (who was not attending the party) and now im in the doghouse and i dont even know why.

    texting sucks.

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