how? the fuck?

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  1. so this girl i smoked with get busted by her parents and they see our messages about it, they call my mom, the girl full out rats me out, about everything. snitch. so i show my mom the first half of the union, we have a talk, she says i can smoke once a month (she was completely straightedge) and she takes 2 of my four pipes (she took the 2 spoons, still got two bubblers left) and says i can have them back on weekends. i just got so fucking lucky, no punishment at all.:hello:

  2. Good job, a lot of strait edge people of parenting age can't really be swayed, no matter how much reason is on your side.
  3. Its good to see your mom didn't just get pissed and take all your shit/ban you from smoking.

    I find what she gave you is pretty good for a straight-edge parent, consider yourself lucky.
  4. i am definitely considering myself lucky!
  5. good job man! my mum was like that to, she caught me said she wasnt happy with me for doing it, but she doesnt really care if i do it at partys and stuff. little did she know then i was smoking everyday, then one day asked if she could "pinch a bud" off me till thursday, little did i know she smoked everyday for the last 10 years.
  6. your mom smokes(d)
  7. she said she did once in college.
  8. Same thing happened to me and now I'm smoking with my Mom all the time, they just want to try and be good parents when stuff like that happens..
  9. yeah dude you'll be smokin with her in a yr or so
  10. get your own place and you can smoke whenever you want.

    SmOkE wEeD eVeRyDaY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. yeah my parents freaked back a few years ago, but now its like "hey ma im goin to watch the sunset" and she just laughs.

    just wait.
  12. Get your mom to make a gc account, that'd be epic.
  13. how would that be epic?

  14. Because then we could all make passes at her.
  15. how would you get punished your 18+ right? hmm soumthing is off..
  16. Go climb a tree.

  17. still living at home buddy.
  18. lucky you my moms a bitch

  19. well aparently she thought and said i shouldnt do it at all, and the girl decided just rat me out about random ass shit that wasnt helpful to the problem. so i said she was lying (she was about most of it) and said that she had done crack (she had) and that she was basically a prostitute (true) because my mom asked me if she had done other drugs and wheter she was "slutty" (she said it some other way dont remember now). so i figure if shes gonna snitch out on me and make up lies ill tell the truth and snitch on her. i mean snitches get stitches. so hopefully i can convince some girl to fight her.

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