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how tall should my plants be after a month?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by toran456, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. I have looked everywhere to find out how tall a month old plant should be and I can't find out, the other day a girlfriend of mine showed me pictures of her plant after a month and it was like a miniature bush that looked to be between a foot and two feet tall whereas mine are only about 7" tall and havent filled out that much
  2. Depends on your soil mix, pot size and climate. After a month mine are about a foot tall. But when I plant the females into 50 litre containers they go into turbo grow.
  3. well they were in tiny coconut compressed pots for a few weeks but they have been transported into like gallon sized pots (which they have actually started to grow alot in) and the soil i'm using is just organic soil from my local head shop it's better than alot of soil i've come across. I've also started fertilizing them with a 10:2:2 mix to get them to grow, but I've only just recently started with that.
    Another side note they aren't receiving 24/7 lighting they are just outdoor hobby plants and this is our first time growing
  4. It could be a lack of light and light intensity since the outdoor growing season is well past in the Nothern Hemisphere.

    I am more of an indoor guy and mine are usually around 12" after a month. I only grow indicas; I imagine Sativas would be taller than that.

  5. see these are just like super shwag seeds they arent any sort of strain the taller one had indica traits whereas the shorter one has very sativa traits (it's odd i know) and as far as light goes i highly doubt they dont get enough light they were exposed to copious amounts of light when they were seedlings and the light where i live is about bright enough to burn your eyes out from around 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon but they receive at least indirect light pretty much from 7a.m. to 7p.m. and now that they have been moved and receive less light then they did when they were younger they have grown wayy more quickly in fact prior to the move we didnt see very much growth in the past few weeks we've probably seen them grow about 3 inches and a quarter of that has been in the past few days

    sorry for the lack of punctuation and the length i jsut wanted to put out as much info as possible to make sure i get good information for my babies to grow
  6. No worries man...

    12 hours of light is not enough for solid vegging growth bro. Typically growers will give their young growing plants at least 18 hours of direct light/day.

    Now you also mentioned that they are receiving indirect light. That is what I mean by lack of light intensity. For vigorous growth that we are all looking for, you need direct light penetrating the foliage all the way through.

    Hey I am not dissing your methods, don't take it the wrong way. You did mention this was your first run at it so these basic fundamentals are things you will need to know so you can grow some nice weed.

  7. No I'm not offended at all I'm really glad people are telling me what to do, what I think I'm gunna do is just buy the equipment to move it indoors today because I can set them up on an 18 hour schedule that way and I wont have to worry about people idling past my plants and I was thinking solely in terms light intensity but i had forgotten the about the fact that the sun shines for different amounts of time depending on season prior to this i had just been assuming that the grow season was based on temperature and stuff but i forgot it has alot to do with how long a day is too

    at any rate thanks I was worried i had like royally fucked up but I think I'm still ok my plants are just a little stunted for a couple reasons that i'll change for the next generation
  8. Oh yeah, you didn't really fuck them up at all. Watch... when you put them directly under your light and set your timer for 18 hours light/6 hours dark, they will shoot upwards and onwards like crazy.

    There is no damage done really other than the possibility that they may have been forced into flowering by the longer nights. If they are still in growth mode, your roots are probably very well developed now and there will be new growth coming everywhere...

    Have a great grow.
  9. yeah mine are only bout 7 inches and the smallest is 4 inches month and 1 week old...I have 20 t5 2 footers 4 inches above canopy and my temp was in the 90,s so I moved it a foot away plent of air on them I used a compost tea for feed with superthrive root booster and thrive alive. I run I. Organic so some nutes are present within the soil..
    .I'm getting lime green spots and dark dark veins so I added p,k boost along with cal mag and I just added my buddah grow 2-.5-1 nute in so we will see in a few days what its like
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    Height really means nothing. I could take a plant and starve it for light and it may stretch to two feet in the first month. On the other hand if I have plenty of light it might only be a foot tall but have twice as many nodes.
  11. I don't mean to burst anyones bubble but...7 year gravedig. We're coming into record breaking territory lol
  12. after 3 weeks of veg, your plant should be hitting nodes 8-10, imo

    just about ready to preflower naturally

    actual height will vary, depends on lights and overall plant care


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