how tall are you? and how long is your penis?

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  1. what's your penis size to height ratio expressed as a percentage?
    im at around 9.8%
    penis is 7 and 2/16
    height is 73 inches

  2. Height - 73"
    Penis - 7-7.5"

    I'm at about 9.5-10%
  3. Why do I log onto gc everyday and theres 3 new threads about dicks.....
  4. Wow, below 8 inches.. That's pretty rare for GC
  5. What about the girth? You can't hold no groove, if you ain't got no pocket.
  6. 3 feet tall
    3 foot long dick
  7. I came just because I saw you posted.
    I was not disappointed. 
  8. [quote name="UnsuspiciousUsername" post="19463477" timestamp="1391524949"]I came just because I saw you posted.I was not disappointed. [/quote]you came that easily? You can't hold no groove, if you ain't got no pocket.
    you messed up the math intentionally right? just making sure
  11. its how you fuck, not your size..
  12. making these gay topics.. :confused:
  13. Don't get stoned and start wondering how big everyone's dick is. Man, that's a waste of time. Just google 'average dick size' like every other teenager did and keep the threads about weed.
  14. [​IMG]
    actually this is the general section not the weed section.
  16. this thread is about ratios not penises
  17. I am 73 inches tallI have a 7.5 inch penisMy ratio is ~9.7333%Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    How are you all the same height?
    I am 68 inches and measure 6.5 bone pressed. 
    My penis is 9.5% of my height..
    *Updates resume*
    Edit - What a shameful 500th post. I only posted so that the standard of penis is no longer in the 80th percentile for all those micro dicks out there. Now EXPOSE YOURSELF!!
  19. i actually used to be less than 7 inches long,
    but after i lost some weight like my dick came out of my body more
  20. Interesting

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