How Stupid Do You Get When You Are High?

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  1. Sometimes when I'm really high and on my computer I forget what I'm doing and I will switch from a tab and think oh yeah I was on here to do something but I can't remember what so I'll switch to another tab and get distracted for 5 minutes then remember I'm on there for a reason so I swap tabs again. And it goes on and on and on like a vicious cylce and kills time like you can't believe doing absolutely nothing. 
    Does this happen to any of you? What other stupid things like this do you do?

  2. That happens to me all the time but I wouldn't call it stupid.  Its just what happens when you're really high.  You get extremely focused with a bad short term memory at the same time.  It makes for some good times
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  3. Yeah that's true but if you looked at someone doing that you'd think they're pretty stupid lol. But I do love how it mixes being extremely focused with a bad short term memory because it makes you forget about everything going on and REALLY live in the moment
  4. I usually don't get too stupid when I am high but i can NEVER figure out how to play video games. I can't focus on the game at all and I usually end up making beats with the buttons on the controller.
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  6. That's what I call too blown to think. I get there when I blaze up a good amount of green.
  7. I don't think I really get stupid when I'm high just more introverted and less control over my thought process but I wouldn't say I'm any stupider.  I get a lot of awesome thoughts I just can't verbalize them and they get lost forever.
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  8. I forget where I'm going, forget what I did, forget what I'm doing, and forget why I'm doing it. But seldom all at the same time so I guess I'm still cool. 
    I guess the one thing that never changes is that I always know where I am. No matter where I go, here I am.
    I may not know where everybody else is (they keep moving), but I always seem to know where I am.
    Unfortunately, I play chess the same way.
  9. Not as stupid as I get when I'm drunk.
  10. ok last night i was literraly looking at the google page for 10 minutes.. i was like WAHHH???
  11. There sometimes comes a point when I'm just set to autopilot and I haven't a clue what I'm doing. My last 'stupid' moment was when I was watching a movie and remembered I liked the end credits music... so I paused the movie and went on YouTube to find it. It was only when my unsuccessful search ended that I realised the level of stupid I'd reached. :smoking:
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  12. Depends on how high.  Being high won't make me NEAR as stupid as being drunk though.  Alcohol fucks judgement up bad lol.
  13. Not stupid, quite the opposite I get all sophisticated and logical sometimes. But I do know what you mean, like times you mess up or have a brain fart. It happens time to time, conversations with sober people is fun and with other high people is hilarious.

  14. When i light up a joint before work shit happens
  15. I can look through netflix trying to find a good movie and easily blow away an hour or so.
  16. Got really stoned and went to walmart for for food and water. Walked outside and realized I had forgotten where I parked. Took me a coupke mins

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  17. I tap in to a supreme and immensely intelligent state of being whereby I forget what I'm saying, what I'm doing, where I'm going, how to get home and often end up running from Satan if it happens to be dark.
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    I put spices in the fridge and milk in the cabinets and shit like that
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  19. Common thing I guess is when I smashed up words when Im talking....such as 'especially magical' becomes specical.. -_-
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    I sometimes get a bit high to do homework. Makes boring or repetitive work more interesting and fun.

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