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how stoned are you right now?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Dec 9, 2003.


how stoned are you right this moment whiule readinf thia?

  1. bit

    0 vote(s)
  2. buzed

    0 vote(s)
  3. stioned

    0 vote(s)
  4. really stoned

    0 vote(s)
  5. absoultly fucked

    0 vote(s)
  1. reding this post how stoned are you? i just had a few bowls so im pretty wrell roundedly fucked up
  2. im not obliverated yet but after this blunt who knows

    its bein sparked right now
  3. I would be if i could be but the mom;s home.
  4. once my mommy dearest hits the hay im gonna spark up a nice doobie i rolled earlyer see how fucked i get :)
  5. i still feel a bit buzzed from last night!
  6. nuthin like a wake n bake :smoke:
  7. you should be able to change your poll cuz soon ill be absalutly fucked.

  8. ..not at all....broke like shit:(
  9. I'm not all :(

    None whatsoever,but that will change, the weekend is coming.
  10. Not stoned right now, but give me an hour or so....
  11. yo... i'm really baked. just smoked the last of 3 blunts in about 2 hours time :):D
  12. Only buzzed, I smoked a bowl of KB like 3 hours ago.
  13. tonight when my paretns go to sleep again im gonna fucking smoke up nice, gonna take a 5 chunk plus a nice fat roach from earlyer today then see how fucked i get
  14. I've smoked about 20 bongs so far today and taken 7 Vicodin. I'm Really Stoned.:)
  15. my friend had the best shit ever today. hairs centemeter long, looked fuzzy cuz of all the crystals, i was blazed at 330, now im just a little buzzed, but oh my god 5 hits and i was gone.
  16. really stoned , just took bingers and smoked like 12 bowls out of my fiends ubbler
  17. I picked buzzed, but I'm still coming up so now I'm stoned.

  18. same here

    I LOVE to take vicodins before i smoke.. its such a great feeling.. i take about 3 vikes before and the high is so good i cant explain.. if u havent taken vikes with weed then i sugest u try it sumtime soon! it makes u so mellow and calm
  19. hell yeah I just called my probation officer and she said my case is now closed and I am done with the courts! I can now smoke weed!!!!!!!!!! party at my house!

    shit I just relized that I have been clean for 6 weeks
    dam I must have a really low tolorance......

    now (45 min before the party) we ar gonna smoke 1 1\2oz of AK-48 before the party this is gonna be great ::::)))))
    Talk to you at end of party or when I wake up!:)
  20. i just took a bowl of some nice cron my buddy gave me cause he owes me some cash :) but ill take weed too

    but yea im pretty fucked right now

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