how soon should i put seedlings under my 400 hd

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pooldude, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. my first batch of germinated seeds stretched to about 5 inches before i put them in my in my hydro setup.due to leaving town on a i shit canned them and got some fresh ones going...i started a new batch and what i'm wondering is when should i put them under my 400mh..should i wait till a main set of leaves start forming..and does putting them under the light with just the 2 beginning round leaves cook them..i had 1 that came up late from the first set that i germinated and put them under the light with just the round leaves and it's been 3 days and it hasn't done isn't dead it's just there...i decided to turn the light off for a couple days to see if letting the first 2 blades will make them take off...i don't want this to happen again...will someone please answer this for me ...iv'e been posting things for weeks and i'm lucky to get a single answer..and some of these guys are posting some of the dumbest damn questions and getting a shit load of answers...i'm trying to get these things under the lights avoid stretching at any stage...i read the posts for about 3 hours a night for weeks and have learned a lot from you guys...but i really need some help on this one...thanks to anyone who replies to this...and may your buds look like a douglas fur!!!!
  2. As soon as they sprout, put them under the lights.
    good luck
  3. Sorry to be so late to respond. Us mods have regular jobs that take us from the boards from time to time but we alawys try to make sure every post gets one good answer. And you can always PM one of us mods with a question.

    As far as your question, you got two good answers and I can't add anymore.

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