how soon can i start the flowering cycle?

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  1. what is the minumum time required or reccomended for the vegetative growth?
  2. Several answers to this question.

    How soon can you start? You can start them 12/12 straight from a rooted clone, or from a sprout. Should you? Well, there are cases where that's a good idea (such as SoG).

    Another answer depends on your strain, and your size of plant. A plant put into 12/12 is going get 2-3 times bigger than it was when it made the switch. So, if you start a 2 foot sativa into 12/12 it may finish 6 feet tall. This is great if you have the vertical space, not so great if you don't.

    Most growers reccomend (and myself) vegging anywhere from 3-4 weeks from seed, or 1-2 weeks from rooted clone.

    In the end it depends on your space, and how long YOU want to veg it. There is no "right" answer to this question.
  3. Thank you, i really appreciate your response. it helped alot.

    Well, my plants are 23 days old, and doing quite well, one plant is almost a foot tall, the rest at least 8+.

    So saying my plants were a foot and a half tall after one month, then i could still go ahead and flower? I am not concerned with yeild, just the fact that i can do it, and be proud of it.

    My vertical space is about 6 feet, minus about a foot of lighting, and then space before plants.

    at a foot and a half tall, that would most likely be the best time considering my restrictions, correct?

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