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How should I use my cannabis as a daily pain reliever/pain distractor?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by lbs, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Basically I've been getting stoned a lot recently I'll be honest with you, eventually I decided to take a break for a while back in November. Where I live it gets very cold in the winters and the weather sparked inflammation in the cartilage between my sternum and ribs. I have costochondritis from a surgery a few years ago, its actually very painful but typically I only experience it in the winter or after lifting weights. I never notice it when I'm getting nice and stoney everday, haha. The cannabis has been hiding this pain from me for awhile. So after taking t-breaks occasionally since November I have noticed my symptoms getting worse when I don't smoke a bit of weed, even taking ibuprofen doesn't help as much. Anyway I would love advice on how I should use my cannabis for an actual pain reliever/distractor and possibly its anti-inflamatory properties on a usual daily regime. Thanks :D
  2. Im in a similar situation and am curious how others patients use it
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    Make the oil and eat it. You can also apply it topically to areas in pain. Start with small doses when ingesting, because the oil is very potent. (half the size of a grain of rice) and work your way up over time.

    Solvents to use:

    *Rick Simpson's favorites FIRST-LAST: Petroleum Ether, Naphtha, Isopropyl/100%/95% Alcohol

    After the solvent is boiled off safely, you leave the oil in a small pot or glass on a coffee warmer for about 24 hours and all of the solvent should be evaporated leaving you with a pure high grade oil. Some people Aren't comfortable with using naptha etc. Although Rick Simpson has had the oil tested by a scientist and it is in fact 100% clean, when properly made.

    But you can use 95% alcohol (everclear) if you wish. 2nd video is a good video on how to do it.

    [ame=]How to Make Rick Simpson's Medicinal Hemp Oil Safely - YouTube[/ame]

  4. Eat cho weed!
  5. Vaporizers are the way to go for medical users! Much easier on the lungs and the instant relief of smoking! :smoke:

    The "leftovers" from vaping still have a reasonable amount of THC in them, and make "passable" brownies. :D

    "Old Hippie" an online friend of mine, found this to be an "interesting" way to reuse the "leftovers" (aka AVB or ABV). :rolleyes:

    Capsule Warning: The AVB Experiment That Went Wrong (news – 2012)
    [FONT=&quot]Capsule Warning: The AVB Experiment That Went WrongBeyond Chronic[/FONT]

    The purple strains have anthocyanin, a plant pigment, that is an anti-inflammatory on its own. (Also found in blueberries) Purple strains might make a better base for a rub than green strains. A few recipes for you -

    Homemade hemp salve (forum thread - 2005) Auntie Bushka's Homemade Hemp Salve

    WR's Cannabalm (forum thread - 2008)
    [FONT=&quot]WR's Cannabalm[/FONT]

    Making HAO~Holy Annointing Oil~From Healing Hemp Oil~for Pain & Healing (forum thread - 2009)
    Making HAO~Holy Annointing Oil~From Healing Hemp Oil~for Pain & Healing - GreenPassion - Dedicated to Medicinal Cannabis

    Medical Marijuana Topical Balm Recipe for Eczema, Sore Joints, PMS Cramps
    (recipe – 2011) The OMMP Lady: Medical Marijuana Topical Balm Recipe for Eczema, Sore Joints, PMS Cramps

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:

  6. You can make your own edible oil, and edibles, and control the level of 'activation', as well as the amount of cannabinoid
    conversion (ie. limiting the creation of metabolites such as the 'intoxicating' or narcotic CBN, formed by the degradation
    of THC).

    By doing so, and avoiding the steps that make cannabis more narcotic for extreme pain patients... the same steps that often
    make cannabis enjoyable for recreational users... you can start to multiply your dose or daily intake, without any, or
    as many of the 'recreational' side-effects.

    Increasing your exposure to carboxylic-acid-intact cannabinoids, and limitting exposure to 'decarboxylated' cannabinoids
    predominantly contained in most edibles, can benefit people with seizures, cancer, MS and other debilitating conditions and
    diseases, who often benefit the most from very high doses.

    THCA, CBDA, CBNA, CBGA and other major and minor cannabinoids (over 80 cannabinoids have been 'identified' in
    cannabis alone!) when kept in their, to recreational users, 'inactive' forms, have powerful medicinal value and can be
    taken at higher doses, without the stupor and recreational side-effects.

    *** Inactive is the term most traditionally and commonly used, due to the overwhelmingly desired effects produced
    by THC/CBN/CBG etc..... but medicinally and therapeutically, carboxylic acid intact cannabinoids (THCA/CBNA/
    CBDA/CBGA+) are VERY active! ***

    You can increase the level of overall cannabinoid and terpene exposure, even in addition to a small amount of '*active'
    or carboxyl-group detached cannabinoids, without being tossed into a narcotic stupor, leaving you more functional and
    able to handle your day to day activities.

    (* - Again, that's THC, CBN or other cannabinoids, without the 'A'; that detachment, or the removal of carboxylic
    acid known as 'decarboxylation', is responsible for the heightened cerebral effects, loss of sensation and coordination, and
    narcotic stupor people feel, and medicinally and recreationally, often desire of their meds.)

    I know that's probably more than you were looking to hear! :p

    But I always like to share they 'why', before I share the 'how'... it makes the mechanics, and the importance of each
    step behind the tutorials, make more sense. :)


    The below photo tutorials will walk you through using a cold extraction, in order to avoid excessive decarboxylation.

    By doing so, you can promote bioavailability, while retaining the most 'inactive' cannabinoids, which again are virtually
    just as beneficial
    as their recreationally 'active' counterparts when it comes to: *** anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer/anti-
    mutagenic, analgesic
    and other known medicinal properties! :hello:

    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included...
    similar to Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-


    BadKat's CannaPharm: -Linked- Table of Contents & Carboxyl-Intact Cold Oil & Tincture


    And a post on topical/transdermal application....

    Medical Transdermal Application Assistance (half-way through post)

    And one on Isolation of Individual Cannabinoids, based on their individual vaporization temperatures:

    And for fun, a few things you can make with your edible oil (edible recipes can be found in the CannaPharm).....

    Every dish below has been infused with bioavailable hash oil....









    There's nothing fungal, or psychedelic, about these little 'hash oil imbued' fellows... in case anyone was concerned [​IMG]


    Hope this helps... good luck, and have fun! :wave:
  7. Wow, awesome info up there I would really like to try vaporizing and edibles more. I have limited resources available at the moment, no money for a vaporizer or my own kitchen to cook edibles or oil in. A couple different friends have invited me to use their kitchens whenever I'm in need of edibles which is awesome of them. Right now all I can do is smoke, I know I only need one small joint in the morning and one again at night sometime. Is a bong better than joints? Anyway, for when I can get out and cook how potent should each dose of the edible be to last me all day? I keep my tolerance low so I don't need anything super powerful just enough for the pain I'm having. Thanks for reading everybody, and thank you Granny those links will really help me.
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    Yes, a bong will help you absorb more THC and other cannibinoids than a joint, or blunt.

    But what BKS is saying is that you do not need a big kitchen process, you can simply toss some unheated marijuana ground up into an oil (coconut for eating, or jojoba for topical use), and keep it in a cool dark place for 3-5 weeks, shaking it up every day. The reason for this is that marijuana becomes more bioavailable as time passes, and you'll notice that the pain relieving effects will be stronger as more time goes on. And if you do not like the feeling of rubbing oil onto your skin you can make a very simple balm by melting beeswax into the oil to create a salve like texture, but this is only if you cannot afford to do much more. Beeswax, while good, will not penetrate the skin as well as a lotion or cream made with emulsifying wax and water. A good recipe to follow would be this:

    - 24.0 oz distilled H2O
    - 4.0oz cannabis oil
    - 1.2oz emulsifying wax
    - 1.2oz cosmetic grade stearic acid
    - 1.0oz liquid vegetable glycerin
    - .3oz germaben ( a natural preservative necessary to prevent spoilage/rancidity)
    -Essential oils for fragrance, or further pain relieving effects (look up some essential oils like rosemary, eucalyptus, nutmeg etc.)

    Heat all the ingredients in a slow cooker or double boiler, whisking frequently and keeping the temperature at 170 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes to kill off any organisms, and then add the germaben and essential oils last. Whisk it up one last time and you're done!

    Good luck to you!

    Question to BKS though if she comes back, will unheated marijuana really treat pain JUST as well as decarboxylated marijuana? I have always decarboxylated before using, even in topical ointments.
  9. Bong rips are great for pain, nothin like a fat rip of indica to get rid of my pain

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