how should i tell my drug dealer to fuck off??

Discussion in 'General' started by fruitality, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. you know they say some shit like "imma be there 10 minutes" and like 3 hours go by and you're like wtf im going to buy from this other guy..
    but now he keeps texting me asking if i still need it. i wanna tell him to go fuck himself but i also might need to buy weed from him in the future...

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    tell him you dont need it anymore because it took a little too long, and you scored elsewhere.
     but maybe tomorrow or in the future.
  3. Beggars can't be choosers.
  4. Dont burn the bridge. You never know when youll need him.
    Just ask him why he shows up so late and if he says 10 mins he better be there in 10 mins. If he needs a couple hours that is pretty unreliable.
    Also dont call him when you are dry. Call him the day before so it doesnt matter if you have to wait.
  5. Well if you need to buy weed from in the future and you tell him to fuck off, he's gonna say fuck you most likely. So I would probably just take the weed, let it slide, and yea......

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  6. is it so hard to text back and say no, you already scored?
  7. Tell him someone else hooked you up.

    You snooze, you lose.

    Also, if he gets bitter you went elsewhere, fuck him.

    What kind of a dealer gets assbroke over shit like that? Highschool bs.

    Money talks.

    If someone hit me up and was like, you still need it three hours later id reply, simply, nope.
  8. no im trying to figure out how he would react to that
    like would he feel betrayed because i cheated on him and his weed with my other dealer?
    would he be mad?
  9. 'Na its cool, i picked up off someone else. I'll get you back another time tho?'
  10. Just say "I waited an extra hour for you but you didn't show, so I just grabbed a bag from someone else. I'll hit you up for buds some other time though". Will make him realize he needs to be on time if he wants peoples business.
  11. Dude, it's the drug trade. Why do you think cartels are so violent? Because it's all about the money. He got out competed, his loss.
  12. Dude, wtf does this even mean?

    Its not like youre dating his fuckin weed and in an exclusive relationship. Hes a dealer. He doesnt want to know you, he jus wants your money bro.

    Youre putting more thought into this than he is.
  13. this reminds me of the episode of workaholics where the guys bought weed from someone other than carl and he was upset because they cheated on him with another dealer. Just watch workaholics OP and the answer will eventually come to you.
  14. My dealer = this thread.
    you think hes going to dress up like cortez and kidnap me?
  16. Lmao maybe, there's some crazy mother fuckers out there.
  17. I usually just make up a lie because i dont want the fluff from him

    Like a month ago i hit up dude for a q, and he didnt respond so i hit my second guy up and after my second guy hits me back my first guy text me back and he had the same quality for cheaper so obviously i went to him,

    after that i stopped hitting the second guy up for like a month he texts me today "whats good, been awhile" i just told him i have to stay clean for a dt, i thought about trying to get him to lower his prices by telling him straight up in getting cheaper from someone else but if you can beat that we do business but im not sure
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    Lol. Here's the workaholics thing people mentioned. Had to post it since this reminded me of it, as well. Haha

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  19. Just tell him "thx but I'm good now" if he gets pissy thats his problem, maybe he shouldn't wait 3 fucking hours to get you your bag.

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