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How should I smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NYD, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I have about .3 left and then I cant smoke till October 10. At the moment I have a crazy chillum(packs .15 and you get about 5 average hits), bubbler(packs .2 and you can get up to 3 large hits), and some extra large Bambus that might burn for 5-6 minutes. I was thinking .2 in the bubbler and the rest into the chillum.
  2. I prefer a bubbler to a chillum when I am at home. It's all about personal preference.

  3. id just roll a nice j. :smoke: or ask a friend if he wants to smoke out and ask him to bring some stuff, if ull have like a g roll a blunt.
  4. yea best thing to do with .3 is to match someone on an L imo
  5. 4ish nice rips from the bubbler
  6. pack some small bowls and corner so it lasts longer but i would go with the bubbler i like them more
  7. No one that I know has anything on them. I think im gonna go with the bubbler b/c its just more pleasent to smoke from and you can see the weed burning.
  8. Gravity or waterfall bong.
  9. Make a spliff :) stick some tobacco in there with the weed. will burn longer and you slowlyyy get more and more stoned :) i love them.

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