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How should I smoke hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nutellanick, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So I bought a gram of hash for my first time from a friend last night, and I smoked it just as i would with weed in my bubbler. I found that I had to hold the lighter on it longer than I would with bud, and it kinda flamed up. So am I not doing something right? Oh and it also tasted a little different, and the high was different, is this normal?
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    Smoke hash spliffs, get off the butane, you need screens or bud to prevent the hash from sucking down the bowl, and don't let it ignite fully. You don't want that.
  3. i don't think the alcohol dried up properly or whoever made it fucked it up!! i might be wrong but that's just my guess!
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    What're you talking about?
  5. Hash always lights on fire a lil. Just put it out with the end of ur lighter and keep hittin it:)

  6. don't you need alcohol to make the hash stick and heat it up and a whole bunch of other shit??
  7. I just hit out of a pipe. Just take a chunk and flatten it out with your thumb and index finger so it won't fall through the hole.

    Yeah, with hash you always gotta hold the lighter a bit longer.
  8. You use two butter knifes on an electric stove. Use a bottle cut in half to collect the smoke. It is the best man, I tell ya'.

    Smoking hash in a bowl? Damn, how messy.
  9. No put some hash on your bud and blaze it if you don't have a dome or a skillet
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    You can make hash with water and ice -.-

    And to everyone else, you can smoke hash in almost every way you can think of..

  11. Yeah that's what i've been doing... my bubbler has a very small whole to begin with so it's unnecessary to use a screen.
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    A very small whole? Wassat?!

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