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  1. So my parents confronted me and said a brand new bottle of Grey Goose vodka was missing. They know I wouldn't do that so they believed me when I said it wasn't me. However i am almost positive that a friend of mine took it when they found an opportunity. I have friends over a lot we get fucked up that is probably how it happened. Anyways how can I get him to admit it was him? I feel like any way I bring it up he is just going to deny it. That would put me in a position of either allowing a grimy bastard to still be my friend or banishing a perfectly good friend that was wrongly convicted.

    Educated suggestions anyone?
  2. Honestly just ask everyone who was in your house one by one, ask them if they took it, and if they did dont do it again cause your parents found out.
  3. I am looking for something a little more clever than this...

    Asking each of them individually will get me no where.
  4. Next time you hang with the same exact people, just politely ask if someone took it. Don't threaten them, at least until they tell the truth. And if no one admits, I suggest not smoking any of them up until someone admits something.
  5. If there's one guy that you think did it I would just be straight with him. Say, "Look man, my parents' grey goose bottle went missing <whatever night it was>" Then tell him why you think it's him and ask him if he took it. He may confess, or if he denies it then just say, "Alright I'll trust you for now but just know if I find out then.."

    You have to finish the rest.
  6. This is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. I hope I don't have to finish him.

  7. Yeah but what if you accuse the wrong dude? Then you look like a dick and the person who did it get to sit laughing in his head knowing that he's clear.

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