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How should I get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokedatblunt, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Hello there blades :wave: On wendsday im gonna be getting 2 grams of some high mids- low-end dank (if weed still is like 3 years ago...) This is my first time smoking since i've been 17 so I guess I have to tolerence :p I can use my bong (Broken downstem and bowl s I will probabley have to make one since my closest headshop is an hour's drive away.) What would you recomend me smoking out of?
  2. Gravity bong!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IF you haven't toked in 3 years and you hit the g-bong, you'll get FUCKED up
  3. Put the weed in your asshole, it's like edibles but works in 10 minutes. Serious, not even kidding
  4. I'd roll a blunt and enjoy!
  5. Knifers are always fun. What ever you do don't use a popcan their digusting
  6. bluuuuuuuuuuuuuunt

  7. This shit is seriously supposed to work... There's a thread about it. I'm honestly a little bit curious to try it... Never say Never... haha.
  8. #8 KushAndChips, Apr 25, 2011
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    First time smoking since you've been 17? Which means you're 17 now? Which means:


    And possibly


    If it means, it's your first time smoking since you were* 17. Then this applies ;

  9. Hot air balloon. Or jet pack...but I've heard stories about jet packs.
  10. Keep it simple, go with a pipe. Preferably a bubbler to cool the smoke since your lungs have probably forgotten what burning plant matter feels like.
  11. I meant since i were 17, I dont have the best grammar around :eek:
  12. Edibles, two firecrackers, dont smoke that shit.

  13. You need to turn it into an edible first
  14. roll a blunt!!!
  15. joints my man. any carry out should carry them.
  16. Go to the nearest gas station and get some rolling papers or blunt wrappers and roll you up a couple fatties.
  17. Do you think 2 .5 joints would go good with 1 1g fire cracker?
  18. Lol, I am gonna try it next month, no homo, I am a seasoned toker and I wanta try every thing.
    Not really a edible, you just have to extract the thc threw some kind of oil. I have done worst shit then putting alittle thing up my asshole. I use to work in medicare with disabled people, so this isn't that bad.
  19. I'd say grab some kingskins wrap a few big cones get some mates round and just chill with the good company :)
    But if you are guna toke alone and are planning to get ripped bongs all the way you will get mashed and probably save some bud aswell.
    I've never been a big fan of blunts myself but I suppose it's always a option :)

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