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How should I get back at my ex?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Aurora69, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Long story short, my car got egged. It froze. I was careful and got it all off.
    About a week later (today), I found out that it was my ex-girlfriend. She decided to post "egged the ex's car (shh, don't tell anyone)," online the same night, not knowing that I would see it.

    How should I get back at her? I want to egg her car back about three times as much, but it might freeze/cause problems and it would be obvious that it was me. I don't want to get into any legal trouble like some of my friends have before for the same thing...On the other hand, she totally deserves it.

    Let's hear some ideas/stories. :devious:
  2. Well, if you did egg her car... and she called the cops she'd have to admit to egging your car.

    You even have proof on the Internet, she wouldn't.

    You could always be like, "I told a bunch of my friends that she egged my car, maybe one decided to get revenge?"
  3. I heard that putting bologna slices on a car over night will make the paint peel
  4. Pour nail polish on her car. Especially effective if the car is white. It just takes some time to do it haha.
  5. take a shit and then at night go over and smear a nice thick layer of your shit under the car door handle. jam a banana in her tail pipe
  6. Convince her to have make up sex -> give her herpes..

  7. That's my dilemma. I don't have enough proof to get her into any real trouble (I don't think?) but I don't want to turn this against myself. I'm really thinking about just egging the shit out of her and being done with it.

  8. Hahahaha unfortunately I don't have herpes. Maybe that's more fortunate than not. I wouldn't have sex with her now though, I am not attracted to her at all.
  9. Your ex is def immature and childish.

    I personally wouldn't seek revenge because we arnt 16 anymore and I wouldn't want to face legal trouble stemming from egging or nail polishing her car. These days you never know who is watching, at any moment.

    Find comfort that your ex is immature and that you can be above that. Posting the comment is 'icing on the cake' that she's a crazy bitch

  10. lmfao
  11. Oh damn old man have some fun..

    Give thy bitch herpes damnit!
  12. just let it go.....then get revenge served cold

  13. Rude. Your perspective changes once you have been in trouble/jail. Maybe call me wise instead of old
  14. Procure a live, wild skunk using suprise tactics and a burlap sack.

    Lock skunk in Ex's car.

    Proceed to terrify skunk through car windows until it releases its smelly goodness.

    Release skunk after it has done it's duty to prevent possible rabies infections.

    Make sure all windows are sealed.

    Wipe for prints.

    Go home and wait for hilarious Facebook status update.
  15. Ive spent close to 2 years in prison..

    And again, loosen up.. Im only fuckin around

  16. Yeah. But that's probably why you did 2 years and I did one night
  17. Yea, youre right.. I did 2 years cause i gave someone herpes

    And wait.. Ha.. You did one night in county and youre tryna use it for credibility?
  18. Revenge.... nah man. just let karma take its course.
  19. Get some fish oil and pour it in the intake vent in her car so when she turns on the heat it smells awful

    Put some grease on the inside of her car door handles

  20. Mother fucker, you beat me too it.

    shit in the door handle, fucking CLASSIC

    bitch will be going to work :

    *goes to grab the handle*

    "ew, wtf is this brown??"


    *projectile vomits on own car and clothes*

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