how should i clean this?

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  1. I hope the picture works haha but i have a bubbler with a spiral perc. The bubbler at this point takes an iron lung to suck down clean. its so clogged up i can barely even use it anymore. the picture is not my bubbler obviously haha mines is basically the same thing though. any help will be appreciated thanks and keep on toking :smoke:

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  2. Have you tried Iso and salt yet? If not try that first.
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    submerge it in a mixture of epsom salts, isopropyl alcohol. (ziplocs works great) let it sit over night, that does the trick with my bubbler. and DRACO aint easy to clean. ;)
    edit: shake it up once and while to loosen the resin build up.
  4. did u get it off amazon? lol

  5. no i didnt lol it was my brothers actually but he quit smoking so i took it off his hands and its a nice bubbler it just gets clogged easily haha

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