how should i approach her?

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  1. i recently transfered to a new school school and its been great. lately ive been making eye contact with this cute girl pretty often i would say.

    i see her almost every day in the gym and sometimes during lunch.

    could you guys give me some on advice on what to say when i approach her?

    thanks :wave:
  2. I'm not going to tell you any clever saying, like telling her your dick is real big, so you'll have to word your words yourself romeo.

    What I will tell you is, if yall are making googly eyes at each other, then obviously just approach her and ask her for to lunch or something.

    It's not necessarily what you say, but the fact that you've got the balls to go up and say it.
  3. the best way to approach is to say "hi" and "what do you think about (insert coach's name here)... isn't he (the best/worst/an asshole/whatever)" and just leave it at that.

    and slowly work your way to sitting with her at lunch. but you know, just play it cool. talk to her like you would talk to one of your friends.
  4. thanks guys, well i found the perfect line.

    me: do you know how much polar bears weigh?

    her: umm

    me: enough to break the ice!

    don't do it
    that's so lame :(

    This is what you do...

    -shake hands-
    Introduce yourself
    -kiss her hand-
    -also sniff her hand-
    At this point she's all WTF
    "Girl you smell good, like you took a bath in rainbows and cupcakes. mmmmm"

    You might want to consider being in a kind of private place, because she might just try to jump your bones right then and there.
  6. I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?
  7. Just go up and introduce yourself. Just have confidence in yourself.

  8. Some douche in my Spanish class said it to the girl behind him tonight and though it was the funniest thing ever.

    A little background: this is the second class and he was hitting on her the whole first class haha. Then she mentioned her boyfriend

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