How screwed am I?

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  1. :bang:SO today I showed up at my grow and found out the whole block had partial power except for me because I'm nearest the transformer or something. They told me that they had to do some tree trimming and shut down the power while they replace a power line and fix up the transformer and had no idea when they would be done. All this happens right at 4o'clock when all my lights normally turn on for the day so I decided that since I'm on mechanical timers I should just unplug my lights for the day. I actually live about an hour away from the grow and can't really come back until tomorrow due to kids and junk, and figured that would be better than allowing the light period to creep into it's usual dark period. Did I make the right move on that, or should I have just gambled with the amount of time the power would be off resulting in a skewed light period? What might happen? Hermies like if I interrupted the dark period? Everything's going back to normal tomorrow. Oh yeah, everything is either just going into flower, or just about to be harvested in a week at most. Thanks
  2. dont know why you unplugged the timer, but i think you will be fine.
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  3. I meant the lights from the timers to keep em off. But yeah, I'm probably just hyping this up a bit in my head. Just really don't want to lose those cuts y'know?
  4. My wife had to have emergency surgery once while I was in week 2 of flower. I just left the lights off for 36 hours and they grew like crazy but other than that nothing else.
  5. I had more then my share of power outages this winter i was home 2 out 3 times i put a lantern in kept it warm and lit, the other time lights were off for an extra 12hrs due to ballast not re firing once power came on i had zero problems you should be fine..
  6. Whew, I'm feeling better. I've got a few more hours till I can get over there and check but I'm pretty sure they'll make it. Thx for the help:gc_rocks:.
  7. You'll be fine. Cannabis takes multiple times in a row or actual light leaks to make it go funky. One time won't hurt anything.


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