How reliable is your dealer?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokamano8o, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. My dealer is only 18 and im 19 he is awesome. Whenever i need something he comes right on through unless hes far out of town or at work. He'll get me right after he gets out of work and even comes through sometimes if he is 25 miles away. Best dealer i've ever had.
  2. myn is shitty. infact i think he stiffed me on 60 bucks. I got a new one now though checking him out tommorow.
  3. I dont have a dealer anymore :(
  4. ^^^ Hey man hit me up my number is... lol jk
  5. my dealer just ripped me out of 100$

  6. i praise my dealer as being one of the best, hes not immature, and hes never dry (other than once)...been going through him for nearly 3 years now, and never ever ever had a problem with him...
  7. Your dealer is pretty young for a dealer. Maybe he's trying to build his rep up and stuff if he hasn't been dealing long. I'm sure everyone starts out as an awesome dealer. He'll probabl;y stay good for you but as he gets more business he probably won't be as good for everyone else.
  8. my dealers tight....hes almost never dry and always has the dankest stuff around my town
  9. My guy here in NYC is an ace, just hooked up w him recently, shows up when he says he will, always has good stuff, I've grabbed herer from him, Sour D/Kush as my last 2 grabs, kid always has primo stuff and it's fresh, best dealer I've ever delt with.
  10. nevermind my dealers good for it. Hes selling me jack herrer now giving me an 100 bag and i only payed 60 cause i told him ive been waiting for a week.:hello:
  11. i got two and they are about a reliable as a dealer can be. always got dank and always come right thru but they are still in it for profit so its like 60 an 8th for dank but its almost always delivered to my door so i cant bitch too loud. i dont fuck with little kids and ass holes. only good reputable people will get my buisness, i aint got the time or patients to play with amatures.
  12. found a new dealer a couple weeks ago through a friend after my old one moved away. The new dealer was on a month long road trip all summer from Kansas to Vegas to Oregon and all the way through Cali and then back home. He drove back an undisclosed amount of some outdoor organic from Northern California. I personally would have been way too nervous but he had the guy vacuum seal the bags twice before transport. But as far as reliability so far he's been 100% every time with this weed he's sharing and saturating our town with. No complaints here...wish my camera still worked
  13. I have 1 steady dealer, and when I can't get ahold of him I have a folder in my cell phone book with all my other drug dealers. I always am able to get drugs so it's good for me.
  14. i got about 3 dooleys i hit up to see whats good with their batches then i call up some of my homies to see whats good with their shit. I never complain. Dodi is all around

    Forgot to say that it also doesnt hurt when one of em goes to the club and picks up some good shit and some bomb hash=D
  15. Wish I could say that.. . Had a good guy in Brooklyn who moved to the west coast - this guy was an ace for years.... Now, copping through friends who claimed they had a good connect-- Last two attempts resulted in schwag being passed off as primo -- almost lost a friend because of it..

    How the hell does a guy find a new dealer anyway? :)
  16. i think im pretty reliable... i am my own medical caregiver :D the only way to go!
  17. I have two. One gets hers from her son-in-law, and he's a douche so sometimes she doesn't have any because he's mad at her. That screws me, too. But her prices are good and she lives in the same building. She's an old head. Even if she doesn't have any to sell, if she has enough for a bowl she'll smoke it with me. She will sometimes front me some if she has it. She's also the one to go to for all the gossip in the neighborhood. Somehow she always knows what's going on.

    My other guy is still a minor (17). But he usually has really good stuff and he gives me an awesome price for it. Sometimes he's out because he doesn't drive, but he's usually on the up and up. Either way, he's never ripped me off. Never once. And he also fronts me if he can afford to. One time he paid me to come do some lines of coke with him because he was bored and lonely. Sure, it was only $5, but still!
  18. Uh, regs are the only thing sold in my town - no strains or dank. But, I get 4 grams of fresh regs for $20. He's a good guy too, it's never light and we toke up sometimes. Only problem is his dry spouts that can last up to a full week but aside from that he usually gets a qp.
  19. My dealers are mostly awesome, on call to meet up after noon usually. However it seems that when one dealer has teir phone off, they all do. I've met a lot of dealers this summer, I've gone back to about 2.
  20. hempress getting her herb from a underage connect haha, too good.

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