How Really Scared Do You Think DEA Is Now ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Local Boy, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. What Do You All Think ?

    As the tide turns while we witness the slow but notable progress towards the final curtain on the DEA's free and do as they care arrogance as well as other law enforce & judicial servants (DAs & Judges ) who abused the many who chose to per sure their rights and ended up on the short end inside a prison , lost their property , and had their life destroyed ......

    yes I wonder how they sleep knowing that when the air clears and 100,000s of these people who survived their ordeal and learned from the most violent minds how to extrac revenge ...

    I am glad I am not one of those who abused the unnocent , the many many innocent .

    I would not want be in their shoes at all .

    Loacal Boy
  2. Lets hope your right. It sounds inspring to me.
  3. :eek: Woah. Touching.
  4. If you watch the show DEA on the Spike channel you will see first hand how they like to operate and from what I have seen, they actually think they are making a differnece when they knock out a grow house or bust a pot dealer....that show really pisses me off when they do that....

    Also, if you saw fox news last night, specifically "geraldo at large" they were talking about this whole phelps thing and Rob Van Dam was a guest and he said that the DEA classifys weed as schedule one and coke is a schedule two meaning coke has more benifets then weed, now if that isnt fucked up I dont know what is. Geraldo also said that obama is planning to take a stand agains the despecery raids and will put the DEA on a leash very very soon. Lets just watch and keep our eyes open on the progress that is unfolding in front of our eyes. I feel like we might actually have a shot at decriminalization because of this whole phelps thing and the dea raids.

  5. Yea and i hate how they always bust like a crack house or something and talk about how its a big deal getting these drugs off the street, then they use fucking thermal imaging to bust someone growing like 10 plants in their attic and they bust in there thinking the guy is sitting at the door with an ak-47 ready to blast anyone. So fucking stupid
  6. They are not in the least scared. There is no political will to strip them of any power. All that's going to happen is Obama will appoint new people in charge who will steer away from medical raids. A good thing, no doubt, but hardly anything to scare them.
  7. I was watching DEA yesterday and one of the officers said something like "We sieze their houses, their cars, their money, and their belongings... and this makes me happy." And then the guy smiled.

    He said that right after raiding a grow house... that fucking disgusts me.
  8. =====================================================================

    I was at a MMP meeting yesterday . At the meeting was the organizer :

    Lanny Swerdlow of MAPP :

    < [ame=""]YouTube - Tommy Chong - The IChong - Convict Doper confesses Pt. 3[/ame] > <===<<<- This a Tommy Chong interview , no content on this post .

    Lanny's co op was busted in September , their harvest ripped off by the Riverside County Sheriff's office a few weeks away from harvest .

    The person who was arrested and jailed who lived at this property's co op was to testify at an assault case trumped up by individual(s) associated with Riverside County here in southern California against Lanny Swerdlow .

    Lanny's only crime was being able to side step a dude and enter the Riverside county's meeting , a public forum for all , where Lanny was being denied entry to address the council who had repeatedly ignored and denied any contact with individuals involve with MM quistions on co op and dispensaries questions of operation guidlines .

    The co op bust took place on the Friday before the Monday hearing of Lanny's , the man arrested was the witness to testify that the accuser was wrong being an eye witness to the occasion at a Riverside country council meeting dealing with co op and dispensary issues .

    Yep the co op was able to get the witnesses bail ( $50,000.00 ) thrown on the week end ! The charges had to be dropped against Lanny Swerdlow when to the suprise of the DA's offce the key witness walked into court and took the oath on the witness stand and torpedoed there dirity pool trick ! .

    Those bastards thought different and were surprised in deed :eek:. They lost this one and the co op will more than likeky win back their harvest and or it''s value :hello:!

    They ( the bad guys ) are really sweating it no doubt because retribution is on the horizon albeit it's outthere a ways but it us out there .

    No one thought a nation of pot smoking hippies would work at stopping a war .... We did stop the Veitnam war .

    And it's happening again believe it or not .


    Local Boy
  9. Exerpt .


    :mad: Your pissed , I'm pissed , Oldschool is too and about 70 million pot smokers here in the USA alone ..Those numbers are being realized by the DEA and law enforcement too .

    It's those huge numbers that's what's worrying them . :eek:

    You have to be a complete moron ( and granted many are as dumb as a rock ) not to not feel the heat being generated now as state after state make the difference every year one by one towards MM and then onto total decriminalization .

    It's out there Sculley , the truth lies waiting...............


    Local Boy

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