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How purple is purple Maroc?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Hawaiian Haze, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I recenlty put in an order to attitude seeds and they added a free femmed purple maroc seed to my shipment. I was curious as too how purple the buds actually are. It's a cross between 'purple power' x 'Morrocan'. It's also a sativa: here is the official description.

    Purple Maroc has been intensively bred from original Morrocan Ketama genetics by Female Seeds. It is an early maturing outdoor/greenhouse sativa with high THC resin production. Maroc (Moroccan) is perfect for both outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. After about 8 weeks of vegetative growth it is ready to start flowering by the middle of July. Maroc produces long, slender buds with an open structure that is very mould resistant. Although the genuine Ketama taste requires the "terroir" of Morocco to be fully realised, this cannabis variety developes it's own delicious unique flavour elsewhere with different climates and soils - an extremely aromatic smoke. This plant becomes rather an unreliable strain indoors as it is specially bred for outdoor cultivation. It's cannabis seeds flower in 8 weeks.


    As you can tell, there is definately some purple tint to the flowers, but it doesn't look as though it's a pure purple strain. I'm not sure if this picture is at harvest time either. Does anyone have any experience with this strain in particular?
  2. The trick to turning a flower purple is to lower the temps at night during later flowering of the plant.
    the plants with highest tendency to turn purple will under 65 degree F temperatures
    theres also a trick to putting ice in to water your plants during their last few waterings and that also induces purpling.
    if you can't afford air conditioning or your climate doesnt allow you to blast cool air in from outdoors, ice is the best option. Not all growers like purple in their flowers because they believe it prolongs time till flowering when the plant is in a sleep cycle so if your a commercial grower or u buy highly commercialized indoor strains, you'll notice even purple kush and purple haze won't come with a tint of purple at all in it and it'll come lime green as most weeds..
    heres the page I got the ice info from: How to get your weed / marijuana / cannabis to turn purple in flowering | Cannabis Seeds Seedbank Reviews & Marijuana Strain Database
  3. Thanks 420report, I will be growing indoors in a fairly un airconditioned room. It's going to be inside of a mylar tent as well with a DWC hydro set up. I'll probably use ice like you recomennded, but need to make sure I do it all right as I only have 1 free seed =)
  4. Doesnt it say not to grow this seed indoors? I got the same free seed I plan on saving it for a outdoor grow on my deck in a dwc bucket bubbler set up. Im pretty sure it will grow pretty tall for a indoor plant.
  5. yeah, it's sativa and says in the description that it's meant for an outdoor grow, but you can make almost anything work with enough ingenuity and proper knowledge. :)
  6. I have also heard the first night after harvest if you put it in the fridge overnight it will bring out the purple. Never tried it so cant say for sure, only heard it.
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    I grew last year in northeastern ohio (outdoors) and didn't get any purple in mine
    they finished very early by august 28th
  8. I had low temps in my cab this year and some Nirvana Ice purpled on me a little bit. Hit low 60's to high 50' during the dark cycle.

    Theres also Purple Maxx, an additive that's supposed to maximize purple coloring. It won't cause purpling, but if there was going to be any that stuff should enhance it.
  9. I think I'm going to stick to purple power if I want purple buds. Have you seen these buds?


  10. I just cummed.
  11. Hey i actually have a purple maroc fem seed in week 6 of flower indoor under t5 (yes thats right t5'ss!!!) and its growing beautiful they said its not for indoors but i took my chances and i love this plant it finishes early and it smells great . I kept a mom of it and also have another purple maroc in week 3 of flower. im going to put a link so you can see it in my grow .

    Honestly go for it. i thought it would be a waste of time but its not also at the beginning the buds were like fluffy but now in heavy feeding they are getting a good weight to there buds. also its a good yield-er just top at seedling and just super crop to get more colas!!


    just look through the pics and you'll find them smells is really nice and good
  12. nice photoshop.

  13. Or food dye watering. Idk though, it may be a legit plant.
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    possible ..

    just too even of coloring IMHO..even the pistils are the same color.. looks like a color filter job to me ...

    purple (bag appeal)


    purple (up close)

    TGA Subcool-Qrazy Train

    and to answer your original question ( or in this case to not answer it :( ) . I have no idea ..wish I did, but will find out by October..have three in my backyard.

    did yours ever turn purp. I know I didn't see G45s turn at all.

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  15. Does that work never heard of anyone doing it besides first grade science with a daffodil :)

    I also am growing this strain outdoors now just over a month old
  16. I have picked up purple buds where its more purple than green just not that light of purple. Some strains just have that shade of purple over green.
  17. you are more worried about color than quality

    it is a vary enjoyable smoke nice sativa :):)
  18. does anyone know how that would affect the smoke. the purple dying water thing. would the color go away during flushing. just curious for some opinions
  19. ask JC about it ..it is one of those things he talks about.. some pretty stupid shit to me .. just learn how to grow purp buds, its easy.

    find a strain that turns purple ( and do more research than the purchase page at The Attitude), wait till about mid way through flower ..lower nightly temps.. start at about 63 degrees, go lower if no effect after 5 days.. but I wouldn't go lower then about 53 degrees.

  20. thanks for the previous info, google beat you to it a few months ago.

    i want to know about purple aditives, not natural ways to bring out the purple in strains better.

    so i will ask the same question again.

    does anyone know how that would affect the smoke. the purple dying water thing. would the color go away during flushing. just curious for some opinions???

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