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  1. Okay so today on way to school kid was tellin me about this kid that died.. idk his name so wel lcal him steve.. okay so steve died cause he was doin 85 in 35 mph zone and was being stupid (sober..) and killed 2 other people and himself in a car crash..

    Sooo the mom is fucking selling out her sons death by selling t-shirts.. neclaces.. he thinks shes burning cds of his favorite songs and selling that .. and then people in their profiles on aim and myspace shit put RIP steve your my hero .. hes not a fuckin hero he killed 2 people.. i understand to put the rip part but fuck the hero part .. (im more concernd about his mom tho.. selling out your sons death.. just fuckin sad)
  2. thats fucked up, she must not be right in the head or something.

  3. Or just a drug addict. Trying to make some money. And I would also like to know why people think he is a hero.:confused:
  4. Or tryin to pay for his funeral? You guys have any idea what that costs?
  5. Heh kind of ironic.

    Sell out your son's profile to give him a dignified burial.

  6. yea rly i dont c why she is retarted by selling his stuff away. funerals do cost a lot of money.

  7. Huh, for some reason that didnt cross my mind. Your probably right. They are expensive
  8. I see no problem in the guy's *mother* profiting from his death... after all the greif and everything else the last thing you want to worry about is going broke paying for it all.

    But that's fucked up to call him a hero. Had he lived, he would have been charged with vehicular homicide, plus enough add-on charges like wreckless driving etc to land him in the slammer for years and years.
  9. So, is there a link to the story in a local paper or something? The "this kid said this" and "he thinks this" doesn't tell much of a story. How old is the "kid"? How old's his mom? Why was he driving 85? What were the road conditions? Was it a head-on collision? Were the two people who were killed the only people in that car? Any survivors? What do they say? Is the mom actually going to have a funeral for the kid, or is he being cremated, which could save thousands of dollars over a funeral? What's she selling and how much is she getting for it? Can you really call it a profit?

    See? Too many unanswered questions in your story for me to make any sort of helpful reply. Got any more info?
  10. ill find out for ya guys tommrow

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