How old were you when you started smoking weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Misterman228, Aug 30, 2013.

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  2. 4 months after my 13th birthday.
  3. I was 16. Young blood.
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    16, I think that's the ideal age.
  5. 15

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  6. Late bloomer- I started at 19. But I think I have made up for the late start! :smoke:
  7. First time I trie4d was when i was 7...I stole one of my moms joints thinking it was a cig and me and my best friend smoked it...didnt became an avid user till 13..
  8. 16, but I was about to turn 17. It was 8/8/08
  9. Damn i feel old. Didnt really start til i was 28. Been smoking everyday for 3years. I think the first time i tried it was at 16 then not again til i was 26.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.

    Illegal plants!
    and I was 16, FWM.
  11. 16 is when I first started. But didn't know shit about weed and didn't really like the feeling. I didn't start smoking somewhat regularly until I was about 19. 
  12. 15, ( Sophomore Year )
  13. 10 years old and loved it ever since
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    17 or 18

    went hard when i was bout 19
    turnin 20
  15. Yeah i started when i was 15. 13 to like 16 is usually when alot of people try it.
  16. smoked for the first time when i was 11...didnt smoke again til 8th grade, when some kid brought it to school and we smoked behind the girls gym at lunch.  started smoking regularly at 15.  started smoking daily at 16.
  17. First month of highschool (I was 14)

  18. i was 18, it was a week after i had graduated high school.  wish i had started about a year earlier.

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