How old were you when you first tried weed

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  1. I'm bored at work and just started wondering at what age people might of first tried weed.

    I was 12 or 13. I was that kid that stole my parents smokes and would bum puff with my mates thinking we were cool.

    One day my mate had got some weed and we tried it with some can. I thought I was the coolest person ever haha. Not long after that I fell out of that crowd and didn't smoke anything until I was around 15. Since then it was an on, and off thing.
  2. the first time I smoked I was 13. Went camping with my older cousin and our uncle and sat up around the fire drinking beer and smoking bowls
  3. my mom was a bra-burning, flowers in her hair San Fran hippy...i probably was getting THC in my breast

    trying to remember the first time i actually blazed with intent...10 maybe...

    oddly enough, i was never a super heavy smoker...went through a few phases of that, but maybe because it was just around and the norm when i was coming up, i was a moderate user, still am...

  4. Me too! I was lucky they didn't name me MJ. I was 25 the first time I tried it, a whole 3 times, didn't like it. Once the chronic pain and all that started and I started using every day I was 43. Late bloomer.

  5. 18

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  6. 17 I think. One of the best nights I've had.
  7. 13. Snuck out with my friend, met some older guys who sold and lit up at a skate park. Great night, but I remember coughing like hell lol
  8. 13 i think, maybe 14. They told me it was Coco puffs and i didnt believe them, but it actually was lul.
  9. 17
    I would've started smoking sooner but I was brainwashed into thinking marijuana was bad from a young age in school.
    Both my parents have no problem with weed and my dad smokes it, yet they never chose to talk to me about it growing up, which was stupid in my opinion, oh well.
  10. I'm from the same era, although I was never really a hippie. Send pix of Mom! :D

    I was 23 or 24 before I ever tried pot.

  11. 15 or 16, in the mid 60s....I was a hippie...but not a "dirty" one...[​IMG]
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    Actually, I had pot cookies when I was around 23/24 (iirc for age), but I wasn't aware I was given pot cookies until after I ate...way too many. So, I don't count that, as it wasn't my first willing time.


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