how old were you when you first grew?

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  1. wanting to know how young some people were
  2. Well I'm going to start my first outdoor grow this spring , got everything except the seeds . I plan on growing moby dick ... Im 18 btw
  3. 14 in my cupboard.
  4. wtf how the hell did you manage to pull that off?
  5. make sure you secure your grow so no animals get it :smoking:
  6. 15 years old indoor grow aha
  7. I'm starting to wonder how people so young grew at that age, my parents would've snapped my neck in half, did your parents let you?

  8. Lots of parents OK it, and lots of kids have no idea what respect is.

    27 for me
  9. yeah i'd never grow inside if my parents weren't cool with it, my parents are slowly coming to the green side though
  10. lol no me and my buddy had a big wooden chest and we drilled holes for fans lights etc. lined the thing with reflective tinfoil tape and put it in the back of his closet and covered it with shit, ahaha:hello: we grew about five in their but never got anything as we were young and stupid. we actually grew three on his window sill when we were fourteen telling his mom they were chia pets but they only lasted about a week. never tried it in my own house though..would've gotten shitpumped for it back then
  11. about 15 here...inside a 10 gallon fish tank sitting in a west facing window.. needless to say the plant was about 5ft tall , 3 branches and a couple of leaves... charlie brown pot plant
  12. wow some young people, was expecting 15-16's outdoor growing but inside is crazy
  13. ya well my buddies whose house we were growing in was a bit of a simple and I didn't really worry if he got caught, cuz he didn't know shit about how to grow and if he got caught it wouldn't have been on me
  14. 25. Last July I planted and grew my first ever weed plant. Pineapple Chunk.
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    first failed attempt at 16 in a shoe box hidden from my mom, first successful grow on the balcony at 17 with mom's ok :p
    slowly worked her into it. I actually told her about me smoking weed on my own after a year of secretly doing it, at the time she was like "Ill call the police if I ever catch you dealing" and shit, but she got used to it... she kinda gave up trying to discipline me a logn time ago ^^
  16. 18 odd, it failed, then started again last year just before i turned 23.
  17. 20 :D my age now
  18. My first grow I was 16 or 17. 2 plants that I vegged forever and they got pretty big before I had to give them away. I just grew them under an old shop light. My first grow that made it to harvest was a few years ago.
  19. 20 Indoor. But tried an outdoor at 14, just put seeds in the ground and hoped they grew, they didnt.. hah

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