How often to set my timer to water hydro?

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  1. Ok I think I got this down but wanted you guys opinion. I have a free flowing drip setup now. My timer is set to come on every 6 hours for 15 minutes. Does that sound right or should I do every 8 hours for 15 minutes? Thanks!
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    Not sure what a free flowing drip system is, but I use a GH WaterFarm that has been modified to function as a DWC also. My plants are in a 50/50 mix of hydroton and higromite. Before the roots made it into the lower bucket, I had the timer set for every three hours for 15 minutes during lights on. After they got into the lower bucket, I set iy for every 4 hours. General Hydroponics recommends that you leave the drip system running 24/7.

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  3. Free floing means there are not drippers and it gushes water for 15 minutes t each plant site.

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