How often should i water?

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  1. I just transplanted my northern lights autos to a one gallon fabric pot. How often should i water them? They are around 3 weeks old and ill link some pictures.

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  2. What medium?
  3. Coco coir
  4. Every day with run off

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  5. Like Dale92 said - everyday to run off. That's nutes only - never use plain water in coco.
    What pH are you using?
  6. Im using ~6.3 ph water.
  7. Go to 5.8

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  8. At this stage you are already behind... They should be bigger than that at 3 weeks. Likely because of lack of nutes. Possible lighting too low? Anyhow next time start introducing nutes around a week starting with 1/4 strength and trying to get to the full strength by 2 weeks.

    I would start daily feeding and try to get those nutrients up to max as soon as possible. Start slow this but increase strength daily if no I'll effects. 5.8 to 6 pH and water daily to 10-20% runoff...

    What nutrients are you using?

    If still undecided here is a good schedule for General Hydroponics Flora Series. Really common and used by many so help is easy to find.

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  9. Thank you. I printed out the nutes chart. When you say lights too low do you mean too close or not strong enough?
  10. Not strong enough or too high up.

    Light is the biggest factor in growth rates and makes a huge difference.

    They are small so something is lacking. Nutrients being the obvious one. ;)

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