How often should i water my plants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GreenBud420, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. This is a big question that will decide were i plant my plants

    *Plant them close in woods were i can visit them every day to check on them and water them

    *plant them in a better location further away or deeper in woods were noone can find them but dont treat them as much

    *Plant them next to a river so i dont need to water them much at all just use pest asides and stuff

    and do u think i should use tap water or river water?
  2. I would choose number two and every two weeks with a 2 liter bottle full of nutrients cause nature takes care of the watering all you gotta do is feed. But dont listen to me I never even finished my first grow yet just read that somehwere god luck anyways.
  3. lol ok thanx
  4. *BUMP* still lookin for some advice =)
  5. first of all, your grammar is terrible lol.

    second, nobody has any idea how often YOU are going to need to water. has it rained lately? how often does it rain? are the plants fully established? is it hot out? etc etc etc....

    you will need to water them as often as they need to be. my advice is to grow where your plants are safest, not whats most convenient for you. you need to check your plants daily either way.
  6. ok... i went scouting earlier and found a new spot located next to a stream that will b perfect for easy watering with no hassel of carrying jugs back and forth from othe spot

    i have one question tho..... when i plant my seeds should i water them rite after? or wait a few days
  7. Keep the ground moist for good germination.
  8. I would rather germ inside under a cfl for a week or two in those little party cups then transplant outside, also you mind me asking how many females your going for and what kind of soil all that bullshit.
  9. Don't just plant seeds, germinate them in a paper towl and plant them after the roots start growing. If you can't start them inside put them in a small pot and grow it for a week or two somewhere close then transplant them. Are you putting them in straight ground or in a bucket or one of those giant rubbermaid things? That will make a difference in what goes in your soil, you know what soil its in, easy to maintain nutes and how much it needs watered. Also makes transplanting easier.

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