how often should i give nutraints?

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  1. hey guys so im im 16 days into flowering and was wondering if i should up how often i give the plant her tea? i have kept my watering a nutrs schedule the same my whole grow. plant is 23 inches tall in a 5 gallon bucket. i water her on tues/thurs/sun. 2 red party cups of water on tues/thurs then 3 cups on sunday of the tea mix (fish fert 5-1-1/earth juice bloom 0-3-1/molasses) the plant looks good and healthy just wondering if i should maybe start giving her furts twice a week? or keep it like this? happy growing
  2. Shes still lookin great man, with no nutes right? so id say that once a week should be pretty good, maybe more if she doesnt get burned ive been hearing that K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) applies to nutes too, so if thats the case then as long as your not seeing any deffs id say less is more.
  3. the soil mix is kellogg cactus and palms mix with bone and blood meal added
  4. im watering my girl 4 days a week 1.5 litres of water with algoflash at every feed, its guarenteed to not burn my plants and hasent so far, even when i put in double doses. npk is 666 i know its no good for flowering but its better than nothing at all i think my plant is recieving to much nitrogen its still a deep green i hope this does not affect the groth of my girls buds.
  5. i wouldnt rely on those guarentees man, unless its directed to feed every watering, and too much nitrogen can slow transition into flowering and delay fruit production, so id switch soon, and OP the blood meal and bone meal with provide some nutes aswell so keep that in mind with feedings snd youll be golden

  6. yeah it says to feed at every watering with the algo flash its steam rolling went from 12 to 29 inches in 20 days big bad ass buds forming every where crystals galore, i just think ill stick with the algo its working and my plant for 20 days flowering is blowing me out lol.
  7. i hate you and you will see! rasta splash is going to be way better then yours luuke!
  8. The balanced 666 nutes will be fine for the next week or two. The plant can still benefit from nitrogen during the stretching phase of 12/12. As you observe the plant slow it stretching you know it is shifting it's energy to bud production, and the higher p and lower n become more important.
  9. My plant would eat your plant for breakfast pink hahahaha
  10. being week almost the end of week 3 (12/6 will be the end of week 3) i have seen the plant slow in growth should this be the last week i give the plant the fish fert 5-1-1? and only give it earth juice 0-3-1 and molasses the rest of flowering? or maybe just give it the fish fert like every other week or maybe even 2 weeks? i do have bone/blood meal in the soil already
  11. So you are saying my plant won't produce buds as well if i use 666 ? Shit im just gonna keep using it for my first grow im sure the plant won't mind getting a little extra nitrogen when flowering, also no hight increase for the last 2 days so i think the stretch is over and my buds are starting to puff out and up lol
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    If you can, as a minimum grab some unsulfered molasses from the grocery store. It only cost like $2 or $3. Mix a tablespoon or two per gallon of water whenfeeding and watering. It will boost your p and k a bit and help fatten up the buds.
  13. read above again ha i do use molasses =)

  14. Hell I probably did read it and just forgot by the time I started typing. They should put a warning on the forum that a good harvest may effect memory loss.

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