How often do you water baby plants?

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  1. i have a couple baby plants about 2-3 inches tall, how often should i water them? i heard about overwatering and i dont want to experience it.
  2. damn its hard to get responses for simple questions here.
    i just wanna know because ive been watering my babies once a day and a few of them are drooping. im guessing this is a sign of overwatering and i wanted to know if its too late to hold off on the water at such an early stage.
  3. just put your finger in the soil about an inch and a half to two inches down and if its dry water if not give it another day
  4. Step 1 - Water until its running out the botton of the pot.

    Step 2 - Wait until completely dry.

    Step 3 - Repeat steps one and two.

    There is no time frame of when to water. Just wait till dry then water throughly.
  5. ^^ What he said.

    I don't like to do it like that though, but it is a very good way to do. I put my finger all the way down into the dirt. If i feel any kind of dampness i wait for a day.
  6. thx for the replys!
  7. Yeah, especially after two whole hours have gone by. Patience man, some of us work for a living.

    OK, as other have said, you have to let the soil tell you. Typical range would be every 2-3 days in small pots and every 4-7 days in large pots, but do not use these as a guide, your grow will have its own unique need.

    What size pots are they in? That has a lot to do with how quickly the soil dries out. It will dry out faster in small pots because the soil has more surface area to total volume -- in larger pots, by contrast, there is a lot of soil in that depth and relatively less surface area.

    Drooping could be a sign of many things, overwatering, underwatering, time to transplant to larger pots, other possibilities. How much water do you give them each time?

    Also, how are you watering them? Some people pour on too much too fast and flood the soil, so a lot of the water runs right through it without soaking the soil. Water small plants in small pots with a turkey baster or something that gently places the water on the soil and lets it soak in.

    Another way to know when your soil is dry is to get a simple moisture meter, Home Depot and Lowe's have them for about five bucks. Though I will say it is better to use a moisture meter mainly in the beginning to help you get a "sixth sense" of your soil's watering needs, pretty soon you'll know without it.

    Good luck.
  8. ^i work for a living too but i got off easter weekend.
    anyways they are in small posts and i usually use a spray bottle stream to water them or just normaly water them but never enouph to flood them. i just make sure the soil is wet.
    its all good though, i get it, i just wanted to check if watering everyday is a bad idea and im finding out that yes it is...time to adjust
  9. this might sound wierd but i water my plants when it needs to be water cause i figure underwatering is better then overwatering if you can spot it in time from the leaf drooping so yeah... thats what i do and i also use like ice to water it which i leave on top of the soil when i see the soil is moist so i can make it wet. hope that helps

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