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How often do you take t-breaks?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zBUDz23, May 25, 2010.

  1. Sometimes if i smoke everyday for a week i feel like a dirtbag, i take t-breaks every couple months for like 1-2 weeks. How long of t breaks do you usually take? And how often?
  2. Every night when I fall asleep.
  3. I'm taking a 4 day one right now, I am working on the first day, not fun. I practically never take them, this is my first one this year, I don't have a super high tolerance, but I like it to be pretty low. So a couple a year for me.
  4. yeah i barely take them unless i have other reasons besides tolerance such as jobs/internships/etc

    but bout to go blaze a bowl or so and finish off my 1/8 then its 2 weeks t-break time til after my lsats then ima take a tour of the solar system :wave:
  5. Usually a 1-2 week break after every 1/4 oz. Although at the end of my last 1/4 pickup I didn't notice any tolerance build up and I was smoking once a day sometimes twice.
  6. I take a good two week T-break bout every two or three months really depends on how fast i lose my tolerance.
  7. Never. Unless I have to (job?ect..).
  8. never, well not by my own doing anyway
  9. T-breaks are for quitters.
  10. When I stopped because of my Job, I considered it my T-break which I'm still on. 1.5 + years, My T-break will probably last until they legalize it or I quit

  11. hahaha that made me laugh
  12. wat u talkin bout?
  13. i take one every week. but that was during the schoolyear. i used to smoke every weekend and sober up during the week. but this summer its gonna be every day since im growing XD

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